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US-based Voia closes $3M to let anyone create Hollywood-quality videos with AI

Voia founders
Picture credits: Voia

US-based Voia develops AI-based technology to enable everyone to produce Hollywood-quality videos. Now, the company has bagged $3 million in pre-seed funding from private investors. 

Voia will use the investment to bring its AI technology to everyone. With this tech, the startup bridges the gap between video quality on social networks, and the quality of music videos, TV ads, and indie films is immense.

Noam Malali, co-founder and head of AI said: “We are at the forefront of AI. The challenges of achieving the Hollywood look using AI, require that we push the limits of our AI algorithms and that we build a multidisciplinary product to enable creators to produce realistic visual effects. We need to produce cinematic videos at near real-time speeds so that users don’t have to wait hours to see their final videos. We will continue to push the envelope of technologies that enable every creator to produce Hollywood quality.”

Avner Braverman, co-founder and CEO added: “We founded Voia to bring Hollywood to every iPhone. We believe that when everyone can create such cinematic videos, we will see an explosion of creativity and engaging content in quantities and quality never before seen.”

Hollywood-like visual effects with AI

Voia was founded in 2022 by serial entrepreneurs from Hollywood and Silicon Valley. The company’s founding team includes Avner Braverman, formerly co-founder and CEO of Reshuffle (acquired by Twitter); Mitch Singer, who served over two decades in leadership positions, including CTO, at Sony Pictures; Haim Helman, co-founder and CTO of Octarine (acquired by VMWare) and co-founder of XIV (acquired by IBM); Noam Malali, AI and computer vision expert; and Bryan Barber, formerly VP Digital Initiatives at Warner Bros.

Voia’s app enables creators to dramatically upgrade the quality of their videos. The app employs advanced AI capabilities, producing visual effects with Hollywood quality. 100 million creatives are active on social video-sharing platforms, like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. But as these platforms continue to grow, most creator videos still look like home movies. 

Professional videos often have budgets exceeding $1 million, a large part of which goes into visual effects. Their production utilizes specialized 3D software requiring extensive expertise, is filmed using professional gear in a studio setting, and requires massive computing time to render. Voia uses AI to enable creators to achieve this quality using only their iPhones.

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