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Unconventional Ventures fuels MOONHUB’s global leap with $1.4M seed funding for VR training expansion

MOONHUB founders
MOONHUB founders. Image credits; MOONHUB

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the challenge of staff training is often daunting. With every minute counting, both managers and employees may hesitate to carve out time from their busy schedules for upskilling and staying current. Yet, this investment in learning can be a game-changer. It’s the dividing line between a team that’s efficient, cohesive, and primed for success, and one that’s stressed, disjointed, and struggling to keep up.

London-based MOONHUB, is a virtual reality [VR] interactive training platform, who have just secured a $1.4 million (£1.1 million) investment in a Seed Round led by Danish VC Unconventional Ventures. This funding brings MOONHUB’s total raised to $4.5 million (£3.57 million), with participation from Pi Labs and Ada Ventures, who followed on their previous investments.

Reshaping learning through immersive VR

Founded in 2016 by CEO Dami Hastrup, along with co-founders Vinh Ly and Hannah Sutcliffe, MOONHUB is revolutionizing learning and development with its CPD-accredited immersive VR learning experiences and patented “Spot and Jot” technology. The platform spans sectors such as facilities management, security, and social care, offering hands-on learning environments that replicate real-world scenarios in a secure, cost-effective manner, minimizing reliance on physical resources.

Efficient training and global clientele

MOONHUB’s courses expedite training completion in 25% of the time required by conventional methods. VR technology, known to increase learning retention to 75%, compared to just 10% for traditional classroom training, is a key component. The platform boasts clients such as Just Eat, BNP Paribas, Amazon, Zurich, Warner Brothers, and homecare provider Anglian Care, showcasing its effectiveness in supporting global workforces.

Empowering remote training with VR

VR technology facilitates remote training, providing flexibility and accessibility to employees across diverse locations. This adaptable approach ensures efficient and effective training delivery, irrespective of geographical barriers, contributing to a seamless learning experience.

Next phase of growth

The latest investment of $1.4 million will be utilized for product development and expanding into new markets. CEO Dami Hastrup expressed excitement about MOONHUB’s transformative phase in 2024, “2024 is a transformational moment for MOONHUB. In the past few years, we’ve worked towards this moment, to become the recognised leader in immersive training, working with global brands that want to support their teams’ development through the use of exciting new technologies. Following this investment, we’re supercharging our growth as a business to further establish ourselves across various sectors, from insurance to security. and social care with our ELARA product. Our dementia care VR training has a 98% approval rating with countless examples of how our training has made professionals feel more valued, connected and prepared, and the families of care patients being more reassured that their loved ones are in safe hands. It’s this type of feedback that inspires our team as we continue to show people the power of immersive learning.”

Social impact and closing the skills gap

Nora Bavey, Founder and General Partner at Unconventional Ventures emphasized the urgent need to close the skills gap and recognized MOONHUB’s significant social impact, “The potential impact of VR technology on the global economy solidifies our belief in MOONHUB’s role as a transformative force in the training industry, especially in sectors like healthcare. By democratizing access to high-quality education and bridging geographical barriers, MOONHUB contributes to greater inclusion and opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds, empowers workers with new skills and enhances their employability.”

Empowering workers and enhancing employability

By democratizing access to high-quality education and bridging geographical barriers, MOONHUB contributes to greater inclusion and opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds. Nora Bavey highlighted that MOONHUB empowers workers with new skills, enhancing their employability and creating a positive impact.

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