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UK-based Genie AI secures £200K to develop world’s most advanced AI legal assistant

Genie AI founders
Picture credits: Genie AI

London-based legal AI company Genie AI has secured a grant of nearly £200K from Innovate UK known for backing Aegiq, HexisLab, and Cogitat, to advance the development of its category-leading AI legal assistant. 

The Innovate UK grant has already begun to have an impact on Genie’s continuous growth. Furthermore, the grant has fuelled the development and imminent launch of the world’s most advanced AI legal assistant, a development bound to accelerate the process of creating and reviewing legal agreements for businesses.

“The legal landscape is rapidly changing – businesses want instant access to services at affordable prices, rather than waiting for long email threads. Genie’s AI assistant gives instant answers, augmented with the knowledge and experience of seasoned lawyers.” CEO Rafie Faruq said, reflecting the company’s mission to make legal services more accessible and comprehensible. “This latest grant builds on our long standing collaboration with Innovate UK – including a prior 2 year project conducted with Oxford University and Imperial College’s machine learning and computational privacy departments in the past, reflecting a long standing tradition at Genie of academic and technical excellence.”

“It’s an exciting time because LLMs have reached a level where they’re comparable, and often better than human experts in various professions,” says CEO Rafie Faruq. “Genie combines this AI ability with carefully crafted UX/UI design and its advanced legal document editor, SuperDrafter, to help companies get to “done” faster on their legal agreements.”

Founded in 2017 by Rafie Faruq and Nitish Mutha in London, Genie AI is a legal AI company. With its AI legal assistant, the company will mark a significant step towards modernising the way contracts are understood and accessed by businesses.

Genie AI has successfully onboarded an impressive 13,000 companies onto their platform, who’ve utilised more than 10,000 legal documents. In a crucial company milestone, Genie AI has also reached up to 200 user sign-ups per day, showcasing a growing trust in the product from users.

Furthermore, its project “Explaining legal contracts to SMEs through conversational AI trained on open sourced contracts,” was among the winners in the “Innovation in Professional and Financial Services” competition.

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