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Quantum photonics spin-out gets backing from Innovate UK to develop world’s first deployable quantum light source

Aegiq founders
Image credits: Aegiq

UK-based Aegiq, a startup developing solutions to enable wide-scale adoption of quantum technologies worldwide, has received grant funding from Innovate UK, part of UK Research & Innovation. This round follows the investment in other quantum technology startups such as Atlantic Quantum and IQM.

£500K project with Fraunhofer CAP

The £500K project, which is in collaboration with Fraunhofer CAP, will see Aegiq bring to life a ‘linchpin’ for many quantum applications, including its work alongside BT and Arqit on the next generation of quantum communications.

The funds will be used to develop a field-deployable high-performance quantum light source integrated solution in partnership with Fraunhofer CAP.

Aegiq has also recently secured more than £4 million in combined non-dilutive and equity investment led by High-Tech Gründerfonds in a syndicate with Black Quant and Quantum Exponential and private angels. Prior to this, the company was awarded funding for several projects supported by Quantum Technologies Challenge with total value of the funded consortia exceeding £20 million.

Maksym Sich, CEO and co-founder at Aegiq, commented: “The grant we’ve received will go a long way in helping to bring our unique technology to wider market verticals. From quantum computing to microscopy, Aegiq is unlocking a whole new generation of applications, as quantum driven technologies become increasingly important in day-to-day life.”

Uses proprietary quantum photonics platform

Aegiq is a spin-out of the University of Sheffield, founded by a team consisting of CEO Dr. Max Sich, CTO Dr. Scott Dufferwiel, and CFO Andrii Iamshanov.

Aegiq is accelerating development of its proprietary quantum photonics platform and growing its core R&D team. The technology is based on high-performance single-photon sources and enables a range of new applications in quantum science.

Aegiq’s technology will provide significant performance uplift for quantum communications and QKD applications, as well as opening doors for large-scale quantum networking with quantum computing and new quantum information processing protocols.

The platform will help in building a new generation of networking and computing with quantum technology such as addressing the demand for next-gen fibre and satellite quantum communications, and driving further research and development in quantum computing and quantum optics using its advanced technology.

Leveraging a high-purity single-photon output rate, Aegiq will lower the cost and boost the performance of single-photon sources, surpassing rates that are currently available from commercial lasers. This is ideal for delivering high-speed quantum key distribution and quantum information processing, as well as being a brighter source for imaging or sensing applications. 

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