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This Dutch medtech grabs €11.9M for its innovative portable kidney dialysis device

Image credits: NextKidney

Kidney failure is a growing public health concern. It is one of the main sources of healthcare costs in western societies with over $40 billion spent in 2020 only in the United States, while there is an annual growth of 6% of kidney patients dependent on dialysis worldwide. Dialysis preparation currently involves a significant surgical intervention associated with risks for the patient. Also, it comes at a significant cost

Meet Neokidney, the portable kidney dialysis device!

Based out of Bussum in the Netherlands, Nextkidney has developed the first portable hemodialysis device dubbed as Neokidney and has raised €11.9 million in a recent Series B funding round. Out of the total, €7.8M capital came from professional and informal investors in France, and the remaining €4.1M was from a crowdfunding campaign led by OnePlanetCrowd. 

The funds will be used for clinical trials and market clearance of the portable device developed by the Dutch startup. 

Jérôme Augustin, Chief Executive Officer of Nextkidney BV: “The continued growth of the global dialysis market demands a device that addresses current issues of manpower, logistics, and patients’ quality of life. The Neokidney™ does this by enabling patients to perform dialysis treatments any place at any time, not hampered by logistics of fluids or infrastructure, enabling patients to longer stay connected to society and their professional lives”.

Improving kidney patients lifestyle

Co-founded by the Dutch Kidney Foundation and supported by major Dutch health insurers, patient associations, and medical professionals worldwide, Nextkidney has subsidiaries in Switzerland and Singapore as well.

Led by Jérôme Augustin, Nextkidney claims to make dialysis possible wherever and whenever patients want and gives them their autonomy and freedom back. 

“We are thrilled to have raised this significant amount of funding, which will allow us to bring our innovative device through clinical trials and market clearance,” said John Stooker, CFO of Nextkidney. “Our goal is to improve the lives of kidney failure patients by offering them a solution that is both effective and convenient, and we believe that our device will do more than just that.”

In order to provide a safe, practical, and easy-to-use solution, the company aims to place the patient at the center of its approach.

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