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These Danish twins who believe clean air is a human right pick $7M for their air purifier startup

Rensair Founders
Image credits: Rensair

Rensair, the startup specialising in indoor air purification has completed its Series A financing led by Hoxton Ventures. This funding will assist Rensair’s expansion efforts across the world, with subsequent investments in marketing as well as supporting the introduction of a broader product portfolio with IoT connectivity. This investing move also highlights the growing presence of the American VCs Hoxton Ventures in Europe, as they invest in early-stage ventures following the launch of its fund, Hoxton III earlier this year.

Rensair’s air purification tech

The Rensair air purifier is the only hospital-grade air purification option on the market that’s portable and cost-effective. Making use of HEPA13 filters and UVC light, Rensair destroys more than 99.97% of airborne viruses including the coronavirus & bacteria as opposed to conventional air purifiers’ mechanism of simply collecting and trapping harmful particles. The solution is patented, utilising the most advanced purification technology validated by independent laboratories including Eurofins, Oslo University Hospital, Norconsult and the Danish Technological Institute.

The London-based startup’s air purification tech was originally developed for Scandinavian hospitals to meet their strict medical standards. In light of COVID-19, the technology has now been made more available worldwide. One of its key advantages is its portability and compact design, which makes it suitable for virtually any setting.

Founded in May 2020 at the peak of the pandemic by Danish twins Christian and Frederik Hendriksen and headquartered in London, Rensair has grown to operate in the EU, USA and Asia. The company’s distinct combination of HEPA and UVC tech was originally proven in the Scandinavian healthcare sector and refined for over two decades. Its applications now extend across all industries, from hospitals, care homes & dental clinics, to offices gyms, entertainment venues and retail outlets. 

“The pandemic has taught us that we cannot take air quality for granted, but airborne disease transmission is not the only reason to care about air quality”, remarked Christian Hendriksen, the co-founder & CEO of Rensair. “The proliferation of environmental pollutants, a rise in drug-resistant bacteria, and the newly identified threat of airborne microplastics are all reasons to improve Indoor Air Quality.”

On top of registering first-year sales in the millions, Rensair just also announced the acquisition of the AirLabs air filtration business. AirLabs is a UK and Denmark-based air cleaning and monitoring tech company. This acquisition adds complementary filtration and IoT technologies, as well as established products to Rensair’s lineup such as the compact AirBubbl that supplies purified air to personal spaces and can be fitted to a car seat’s headrest or mounted in driver cabins.

Heightened awareness of the benefits of indoor air quality has already resulted in a number of high profile initiatives by organisations around the world. Examples of these include the White House’s ‘Clean Air in Buildings Challenge’; the UK Building Engineering Services Association’s campaign to turn healthcare buildings into safe havens; and the Belgian government’s legislative framework to govern & regulate indoor air quality in public spaces. Like clean tap water, clean air is now viewed as a human right.

Hussein Kanji, Partner at Hoxton Ventures, commented on this investment, sighting, “Covid has hastened many organisations to proactively address indoor air quality issues to aid in a return to normalcy. Rensair is well-positioned to meet the demands for this growing market.”  

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