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Swiss greentech Xilva grows $1.8M to its war chest for first marketplace of forest-positive projects


The issue of climate change has gained significant attention in recent years, and businesses are increasingly expected to adopt sustainable practices. 

This has created opportunities for startups that specialise in sustainability projects, such as forestry. One such startup works with forestry projects at various stages of development, connecting them with corporate and impact investors is Switzerland-based Xilva.  

While Munich-based Pina Earth revolutionise the way forest carbon projects are created and certified, Xilva helps projects secure funding as part of their sustainability strategy, while also supporting the growth and development of the forestry industry.

This approach has the potential to generate both financial returns and positive environmental impact, making it an attractive investment option for socially responsible investors.

Forests done right are a proven, scalable climate solution, providing important benefits including increased biodiversity, cleaner water and social opportunity for local communities.  

Digital marketplace for forests

To up their game, a Zurich-based global digital marketplace for forests, has raised $1.8 million in a pre-seed round from Zug-based Brainforest, Bloomsbury Natural Capital,, and a group of international angel investors. 

The Swiss company will use funds to further the development of the platform and scale marketing and operations. 

Xilva’s mission is to build out the forest inventory on the platform, expand the capital-side user base and increase automation.

Tim Duehrkoop and Jamie Micah Lawrence, who met through Zurich-based venture builder Brainforest, founded Xilva in 2021.

During Jamie’s time as an FSC board member, consultant for large corporations, forester, and head of major non-profits in the space, he had long recognized the need and potential for an intermediary or marketplace between investors and forest projects. 

When he shared his insights with Tim regarding the inefficiencies in the existing marketplace, Tim quickly grasped the concept and saw the potential to address them with a digital platform.

“On our platform, there is a curated portfolio of over 40 investable projects, and we plan to source and screen 100 more in the next three months. Forests can absorb carbon at a larger scale and lower cost than any human-made solution. The main benefits for the companies getting carbon credits with the help of Xilva are confidence that they are buying trustworthy credits and transparency throughout the process,” notes Tim Duehrkoop, Xilva’s co-founder and CEO.

Invests in nature restoration initiatives

Xilva uses a proprietary methodology to assess forest projects and thus reduce potential risks related to investing in carbon credits and nature restoration initiatives. 

The platform conducts the due diligence process through its Xilva GRADE platform and provides certified carbon credits for companies as well as investment opportunities for their future needs. 

The company has already signed contracts with an Australian real estate group, Goodman, and a Swiss watchmaker, Mondaine, facilitating transactions worth over $1.9 million towards forestry projects in Asia and Latin America and contributing to the compensation of over 152,000 tons of CO2.

Its goal is to combat climate change while protecting biodiversity, benefiting local communities, and enabling the full range of ecosystem services provided by forests. 

The platform lists a curated portfolio of over 40 investable projects, and the company plans to source and screen 100 more in the next three months. 

“Xilva brings together finance and forest-positive projects. By accelerating access to capital, Xilva will boost the rate at which forestry can sequester carbon and increase biodiversity” commented James Griffiths from Bloomsbury Natural Capital, a UK-based early-stage VC that specialises in natural assets and climate impact. 

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