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Social mapping powerhouse: Atly launches with $18M to create Reddit-like experience for real-world locations

Atly funding
Photo credits: Atly

Overcoming the limitations of Google’s outdated information and unreliable reviews, social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have become the go-to sources for destination recommendations. However, these platforms lack location-based search and saving features, leaving users without a comprehensive solution for discovering their next favorite place. 

Enter Atly, the innovative social mapping platform that addresses these challenges head-on. The Israeli tech startup allows users to create and join highly specific, map-based communities, catering to niche interests like Keto eating in Austin, picnic spots in Tel Aviv, or biking trails in Cincinnati. By connecting like-minded individuals, Atly not only ensures accurate and up-to-date location recommendations, but also fosters an authentic and trustworthy community.

Also known as the ‘Reddit for real-world places,’ the user-generated social mapping platform, Atly, announced its official launch recently backed by $18 million in funding from Target Global, Tal Ventures, and FKA Brands. Designed to provide seamless, effective, and trustworthy location-based content, Atly aims to transform the way people discover places to go and things to do. During its open beta phase, Atly witnessed the creation of thousands of user-generated community-based maps, with new maps being generated organically each month across various verticals including food and restaurants, travel, nature and the outdoors, parenting, and more.

The funding will enable Atly to enhance its algorithms, performance, and product features, as well as collaborate with more creators to further enrich the platform.

How does the app work?

Founded by Uriel Maslansky, Aviad Coppenhagen and Joshua Kaufman, Atly (formerly Steps)  gives users the confidence to explore new places with the assurance of an enjoyable experience, while creators and businesses benefit from higher conversion rates. 

In the Atly app, users can create and join map-based communities centered around their interests. By leveraging the collective wisdom of like-minded individuals, Atly provides authentic and specific recommendations that users can trust. 

Uriel Maslansky, CEO and Co-Founder of Atly said, “We have combined everyone’s favorite ingredients – the timeliness and authenticity of user-generated content created by a like-minded, trusted source, the utility and ease of visual mapping, effective tools for hyper-specific discovery, and the thrill of engaging, perfectly on-point content – to allow anyone with an interest, need, or passion to easily unearth their next favorite place to go or thing to do.”

Joshua Kaufman, Atly Co-Founder added, “At Atly, we are bringing mapping up to speed with the modern world by enabling people to search for the specific things they actually want – and our organically grown user-base is proof that we’re fulfilling this need.” 

“We immediately recognised Atly’s ability to revolutionise the mapping ecosystem by bringing both trustworthy social content and a seamless experience to location-based search,” said Gal Shmueli, Partner at Tal Ventures. “We are excited to support Atly’s vision to enable people to find the places to go and things to do that best align with their unique needs and interests, and we look forward to watching them continue to meet the growing market demand.”

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