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Raftt raises $5M to help developers save time and focus on code

Raftt team
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Tel Aviv-based Raftt, an advanced cloud-based platform for creating and sharing development environments, has raised $5M in seed funding. The investment round was led by Aleph VC and Cardumen Capital. The round also saw participation from a number of private investors, including Ariel Maislos and Benny Schneider, serial entrepreneurs and Devtools angel investors; Adi Sharabani, founder of Skycure and currently at Snyk; and Ariel Asraf, CEO of Coralogix.

Emerges from stealth

With this funding, Raftt emerged out of stealth mode. The capital will be used for product development and market penetration strategy.

Says Eden Shochat, General Partner at Aleph said: “As a longtime engineer and a productivity geek at heart, I immediately connected to the core value of Raftt: prioritising the developer experience and speeding up development cycles by eliminating grunt work that not only creates little impact but is also the root cause for many mistakes. Raftt will rid the world of the all-too-common excuse: ‘but it works on my machine.'”

Roy Iarchy, Co-founder and CEO of Raftt said, “Raftt offers a comprehensive solution for the entire local dev environment without the need to change how the developer works. Behind the scenes, the environment runs in the cloud and adapts the DevOps infrastructure to the developer’s unique needs eliminating time wasted on maintenance and providing a faster and more efficient workflow and an easily shared development environment.”

Helps developers focus on code

Raftt was founded in 2021 by Roy Iarchy and Gahl Saraf, CTO in Tel Aviv. Roy was the R&D Group Manager at Skycure, and Gahl served as a tech lead and architect at Meta and led the development of the Facebook Lite application.

Raftt’s platform solves the problems faced by developers in managing local development environments and using containerised services for development. Currently, precious hours are spent on issues such as environmental decay, drift, and gaps between the development and the staging and production phases. Raftt’s platform not only saves developers’ time, but also creates new possibilities for the seamless and rapid sharing of dev environments both within and between teams and functions.

The advanced cloud-based platform for creating and sharing development environments. Focusing on the development process, Raftt provides easy-to-use, cloud-based developer environments, enabling advanced collaboration while using existing local IDEs and other tools and workflows. It lets developers eliminate setup and drift between environments, create unlimited environments for every need, and spend more time to focus on their code.

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