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Quantonation’s quantum leap: €70M in first closing of Quantonation II fund for quantum technologies

Quantonation team
Quantonation team. Image credits; Quantonation

While the word “quantum” often evokes Hollywood fantasies, the truth is more captivating. Quantum technologies are real and already enhancing our lives. Some examples that, if not already in use, soon will be, are, artificial intelligence, better batteries, cybersecurity, drug development, traffic optimisation, quantum sensors, and superconducting magnets. And here is the kicker: We are no longer at the start of the Digital Age; we are now embarking on the Quantum Age. Buckle up for a journey where qubits replace bits, and the unimaginable becomes reality.

Investors have known this for a while and funds have been tunnelling through to the sector increasingly over the last couple of decades. In 2022 $2.35B was invested in quantum technologies and since 2001 68% of quantum startup investment has been agreed in the last two years, with the four biggest deals closed last year.

Quantonation Ventures, a leading investor in quantum technologies, has announced the successful first closing of its second early-stage fund, Quantonation II, securing €70M of its €200M target. Supported by a portfolio of industry leaders including, PASQAL, Nord Quantique, Multiverse, Qubit Pharmaceuticals, WeLinQ and QphoX, this milestone underscores Quantonation’s role in driving innovation in the emerging field of quantum technology.

Fuelling advancements in quantum science

Quantonation Ventures, headquartered in Paris and Boston, has been supporting groundbreaking advancements in quantum science and computing since 2018. With the first-ever quantum-focused fund, Quantonation I, the firm raised €91M, establishing itself as a forward-thinking player in the global quantum ecosystem. Now, with the launch of Quantonation II, Quantonation is poised to further accelerate the development and commercialisation of quantum technologies.

Cultivating quantum innovation

Quantonation Ventures takes a strategic approach to investing in quantum startups, targeting companies at the pre-seed and seed stages. By collaborating with quantum venture studios worldwide and leveraging its extensive network of scientific expertise and industry partnerships, Quantonation aims to identify and nurture the most promising quantum startups, driving innovation and growth in the sector.

Expanding the quantum ecosystem

The launch of Quantonation II marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the quantum industry. With plans to invest in twenty-five companies globally, Quantonation is committed to supporting the development of transformative quantum technologies across a diverse range of applications, including quantum computing, materials science, and deep physics.

Christophe Jurczak, Managing Partner at Quantonation Ventures, expressed confidence in the future of the quantum industry, citing the successful first closing of Quantonation II as evidence of the sector’s remarkable momentum, “This successful first closing shows, in addition to excellent funding rounds from our first portfolio, a remarkable dynamic in the quantum industry. With these resources, we can pursue scouting for the best quantum companies in the world and support a fantastic roster of founders in their entrepreneurial journey, including in new geographies for us. This will also be a great opportunity to expand the team and deepen our scientific expertise beyond our current focus. We’re looking forward to a bright future for the quantum industry.”

Investor confidence

Investors from Quantonation I have returned for Quantonation II, underscoring their confidence in Quantonation’s investment strategy and track record of success. The fund’s diverse investor base includes institutions like the Fonds National d’Amorçage 2 (the French Seed Fund managed by Bpifrance) and prominent individuals such as Bradley M. Bloom, co-founder of Berkshire Partners LLC.

Bradley M. Bloom commented, “I am delighted to be closely engaged with the Quantonation team who are using their collective expertise to identify and accelerate some of the most promising innovations in this rapidly emerging sector that will affect all of us in the years ahead.”

Promising future for quantum technologies

As the quantum industry continues to evolve, with its experienced team including Christophe Jurczak, Ph.D., Olivier Tonneau, Will Zeng, PhD, Jean-Gabriel Boinot-Tramoni, Pauline Boucher, PhD, Joseph Maillard, Alexandra Krivopavic, Raphaël Bodin, Eleonore de Rose and Charles Beigbeder, Quantonation Ventures aims to capitalise on emerging opportunities and drive meaningful impact in the field.

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