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Despite the slowdown, these UK tech startups are actively hiring right now

Scaling up team
Image credits: Scaling up

With a war amid the pandemic, a possible recession and now job cuts, this year has been pretty challenging for the startup ecosystem. As per industry reports, the second quarter of 2022 witnessed massive 9x layoffs from tech startups than the first. The reasons for the surge in layoffs include high inflation, rising interest rates, and slowing economic activity that hit startups. Apparently, the number of companies that announced layoffs in the third quarter of the year has reached 238 so far, and some have also frozen hiring.

Commenting on the figures, Claudia Green, Founder, Scaling up, a talent consultancy based in London, says, “I think it’s an odd time right now where companies are analysing how profitable they are, preparing for the future and then making cuts accordingly. Startup founders are attempting to increase their runway from 12 to 24 months, so they are hitting the brakes on hiring. At the same time, the media has done a great job of scaring people.

Further, she points out, “Currently, companies are just holding back a lot more just to wait and see how the situation pans out. On the other hand, most of them are making redundancies and letting people go because they want to raise funding to not let their cash dry up. I’ve seen a lot of startups cutting 20% of their workforce and then announcing new funding a few weeks later.”

But, things are not all grim; despite the economic downturn, many startups and scaleups are still welcoming new hires. Thom Groot – Co-Founder & CEO – The Electric Car Scheme says, “We recently completed a significant growth funding round, and noticed the venture capital market is changing in light of the current recession and economic climate. That said, we operate in a very specific market, and our product continues to see great demand, and as such, we are not considering lay-offs; rather, we continue to look to accelerate the growth of our team and our business.”

So are there really jobs in the market? Are startups really hiring? Looking for these answers, TFN did some research and has curated a list of tech startups in the UK that are hiring right now. If you’re struggling to find a great job during this tech downturn, then you should definitely check out this list.


Founder/s: Dan Cobley, Justin Basini, Nigel Morris
Founded year: 2014
Total funding: $216M

London-based fintech ClearScore provides credit scoring services and a marketplace. It provides access to financial data, including credit reports and scores, and open banking data. The company’s business is dedicated to helping its users improve their financial well-being and they have a lot of opening right now, including tech. Check out the vacancies at the personal finance company from here.


Founder/s: Darren Westlake, Luke Lang
Founded year: 2010
Total funding: $243M

An online crowdfunding service, Crowdcube enables individuals to invest or loan small amounts to small companies in return for equity or an annual return. The equity crowdfunding platform is for entrepreneurs of startups and growing businesses. Headquartered in Exeter, Crowdcube has listed over 20 roles here.


Founder/s: Alex Cardona, David Hoare, Peter Lord
Founded year: 2017
Total funding: $170M

Yet another London startup Codat is the universal API for small business data. It provides real-time connectivity to enable software providers and financial institutions to build integrated products for their small business customers. Having secured $100 million in Series C funding recently, the company announced 35 roles at its London office.

Image credits: Cleo


Founder/s: Barnaby Hussey-Yeo
Founded year: 2016
Total funding: $137M

Cleo, a Gen Z financial well-being app, headquartered in London, empowers young people to form better money habits. Cleo is a digital assistant, which is partly a money app and partly AI. After raising $80 million in funding this year, the fintech is looking forward to hiring people across engineering, product, design, marketing, and commercial teams.

The Electric Car Scheme

Founder/s: Amir Eilon, Thomas Groot, Tom Eilon
Founded year: 2020
Total funding: NA

The Electric Car Scheme is a London-based company that works with a wide range of car lease companies to find the best lease on the market for each car and makes it easier for people to adapt to electric cars by reducing the cost by 30 to 60%. The startup offers a flexible subscription service and is hiring fresh roles now.

Groot adds, “Yes, we are hiring for a number of sales, marketing, and operations roles and for those looking for a tech job in the UK right now, it is likely there is still a lot of choices available. It’s always important to ensure you find a company that aligns with your values, and the current situation has not changed that.”


Founder/s: Antonio Marino, Edoardo Moreni
Founded year: 2017
Total funding: $5.6M

Another notable fintech from London that is looking out for fresh talent is Emma. This financial super app is the easiest way to track, invest, send and save money. Currently, they’re on the lookout for backend engineers.

Funding Circle

Founder/s: Alex Tonelli, Andrew Mullinger, James Meekings, Sam Hodges, Samir Desai
Founded year: 2010
Total funding: $373M

Funding Circle is a platform for peer-to-peer business loans. Building the place where small businesses get the funding they need to win, Funding Circle is hiring a slew of remote roles and positions based in its headquarters in London.

Image credits: GoCardless


Founder/s: Hiroki Takeuchi, Matt Robinson, Tom Blomfield
Founded year: 2011
Total funding: $529M

GoCardless’ global payments network and technology platform takes the pain out of getting paid for businesses with recurring revenue. For those on the lookout for a job in London, this payment company is hiring positions across its finance, people, product and sales teams.


Founder/s: Nigel Toon, Simon Knowles
Founded year: 2016
Total funding: $682M

Bristol-headquartered Graphcore develops a microprocessor designed for AI and machine learning applications. It has created a new processor, the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) to help AI researchers make new working approaches to machine intelligence, and they’re actively looking for fresh talent.


Founder/s: David Cavalla, Tim Guilliams
Founded year: 2014
Total funding: $68M

Healx is an AI-powered and patient-inspired technology company, accelerating the discovery and development of rare disease treatments. The Cambridge-based startup pioneering the next generation of drug discovery is on the lookout to fill some positions, as well.


Founder/s: Ranjan Singh
Founded year: 2019
Total funding: NA

London-based HealthHero is the largest digital telehealth platform in Europe. It offers a suite of virtual healthcare services delivered 24/7 via phone, video calls, and online chat. HealthHero is hiring slew of roles in the UK and Ireland across finance, clinical, and operations teams.

Immersive Labs

Founder/s: James Hadley
Founded year: 2017
Total funding: $123M

Yet another startup from Bristol is Immersive Labs, which develops a platform that measures and improves cybersecurity skills across businesses is actively hiring positions in the UK, Germany, and the US.


Founder/s: Herman Narula, Peter Lipka, Rob Whitehead
Founded year: 2012
Total funding: $752M

The UK-based metaverse technology company, solves the challenges of building virtual worlds and pioneering the path to the metaverse. The cloud-based platform for game developers to create AI-powered simulated worlds has nearly 170 vacancies. after recently raising a $150 million funding round.

Just Eat Takeaway

Founder/s: Jitse Groen
Founded year: 2020
Total funding: $94.6M

Just Eat Takeaway is an online food delivery marketplace that focuses on connecting consumers and restaurants through its platform. The London-headquartered food delivery scaleup that agreed to sell 33% stake in Brazilian meal delivery startup iFood for €1.8 billion is hiring nearly 400 positions across departments.


Founder/s: Barney Wragg, Yuta Nakamoto
Founded year: 2018
Total funding: $17.6M

Karakuri is a fledgling robotics startup that is meshing machine learning, optics, and sensors to help commercial kitchens automate the process of dispensing ingredients and measuring precise quantities. The London-based robotics startup behind the world’s first automated canteen and also known as the ‘Tesla of kitchens’ is hiring engineers right now.


Founder/s: Myles Stephenson
Founded year: 2016
Total funding: $192M

Another London-based fintech company that provides Payments as a Service API for digital businesses basically enables users to automate payment flows, embed payments into the platform, and build new payment products and services themselves from a single API. The fintech startup that secured $108 million in May is filing up roles across its operational cities such as London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, and Spain.


Founder/s: Norris Koppel
Founded year: 2013
Total funding: $170M

With its headquarters in London, Monese is a digital banking alternative that provides mobile-only, multi-currency accounts in several countries across the European Economic Area, for those who are underserved by the traditional banking system. The fintech providing mobile money accounts is hiring roles in engineering and product teams across London, Tallinn, and Warsaw.


Founder/s: Eamon Jubbawy, Husayn Kassai, Ruhul Amin
Founded year: 2010
Total funding: $211M

This digital identity platform works on user’s real identity using AI technology by verifying their photo ID and comparing it to their facial biometrics. It lets users and businesses verify their online identities anywhere and anytime and is hiring for new roles across Europe, the US, and India.

POD Point

Founder/s: Erik Fairbairn
Founded year: 2009
Total funding: $16.2M

POD Point provides chargers for electric vehicles. It is touted to be the UK’s leading provider of electric vehicle charging. The London-based startup is in search of fresh talent for software engineers, and developers.


Founder/s: Christian Owens
Founded year: 2012
Total funding: $291M

London’s SaaS payments infrastructure unicorn recently acquired ProfitWell, a provider of subscription metrics & retention automation software and is hiring across teams.


Founder/s: Alex Michael, Victor Trokoudes
Founded year: 2016
Total funding: $65.3M

A Shoreditch-based fintech, Plum offers a personal finance bot. The fintech monitors the daily spending and automatically sets money aside that the user won’t need and is eyeing to fill in vacancies such as PR, engineers, and a senior product designer, among others.


Founder/s: Jeppe Rindom, Niccolo Perra
Founded year: 2015
Total funding: $426M

Pleo is a centralised business spending solution for forward-thinking teams. Pleo enables employees to buy the things they need for work, while keeping companies in full control of all spending. The fintech is hiring various roles across software engineering, customer experience, marketing, and more.


Founder/s: Nikolay Storonsky, Vlad Yatsenko
Founded year: 2015
Total funding: $1.7B

UK’s fintech giant Revolut specialises in mobile banking, card payments, money remittance, and foreign exchange. It offers a pre-paid debit card, currency exchange, and peer-to-peer payments. The fintech unicorn is currently hiring to fill nearly 250 vacant positions.

Speechmatics team
Image credits: Speechmatics


Founder/s: Tony Robinson
Founded year: 2009
Total funding: $81.6M

Cambridge-based speed recognition tech scaleup Speechmatics, uses machine learning to convert speech to text. Earlier this year, the female-led company raised $62 million in Series B funding. Now, it is on the lookout for fresh talent to serve in the UK, the Czech Republic and other regions.


Founder/s: George Bevis
Founded year: 2015
Total funding: $271M

Tide works with the mission to help SMEs save time and money in the running of their businesses. It offers business accounts, related banking services and a comprehensive set of highly usable administrative solutions. The fintech has vacancies in London, Sofia and remote locations.


Founder/s: Adrien Cohen, Alexandre Dalyac, Razvan Ranca
Founded year: 2014
Total funding: $115M

Tractable is a software company that develops AI for accident and disaster recovery. Currently, it is eyeing to hire engineers, customer success talent, business development, and marketers, among others.


Founder/s: Edward Bishop, Thomas Adams, Tim Sadler
Founded year: 2013
Total funding: $130M

Tessian creates a human layer of security that helps people work without security disruptions getting in the way. It automatically stops data breaches and security threats caused by human error such as data exfiltration, accidental data loss, business email compromise, and phishing attacks. It is filling up a slew of roles across product, sales, engineering and other teams.


Founder/s: Francesco Simoneschi, Luca Martinetti
Founded year: 2016
Total funding: $271M

TrueLayer is a fintech platform that builds financial apps that connect to bank data, verify accounts, and access transactions in real-time. The platform can be easily integrated into next-generation payments and financial data into any app. The London fintech is also hiring for nearly 50 roles in Europe.


Founder/s: Kristo Kaarmann, Taavet Hinrikus
Founded year: 2011
Total funding: $396M

The popular money transfer service allowing private individuals and businesses to send money abroad without hidden charges is hiring over 400 roles.

Wagestream team
Image credits: Wagestream


Founder/s: Peter Briffett, Portman Wills
Founded year: 2018
Total funding: $108M

Wagestream is a financial well-being app based in London. It aims at reducing the poverty premium and preventing employees from entering cycles of debt. The financial well-being app snapped $175 million in April this year and is eyeing to hire over 20 positions.


Founder/s: Pavel Matveev, Dmitry Lazarichev
Founded year: 2014
Total funding: $8.2M

Wirex is a digital payment platform that aims to make crypto and traditional currencies equal and accessible to everyone. Recently, it expanded its wallet product in India. Now, it is hiring actively to fill vacancies in the USA, UK, Poland, and Malaysia.


Founder/s: Stefano Vaccino
Founded year: 2017
Total funding: $69.3M

Yapily is another London fintech startup that is hiring roles across teams. It offers API-based software to enable innovative products to connect to banks and enables companies around the world to share financial data and access payment infrastructure.


Founder/s: Nick Jones, Paul Roach
Founded year: 2018
Total funding: $19.3M

A Scottish crypto smart wallet, Zumo turns Bitcoin and Ethereum into money by making crypto work seamlessly with traditional currencies. Currently, the company is on the lookout for multiple positions.

Green notes, “Whilst tech hiring may have slowed down, the job market for salespeople is more buoyant than ever. This is happening as salespeople can really fuel the company’s growth and stability. Whilst there’s a slowdown, investments are still happening across Europe, and companies who have the cash still need to build and continuously improve their products. So we’ll still need to keep innovating. Founders are realising the need to hire smarter and ensure they are only adding integral hires for the time being.”

She adds, “I’m very optimistic about the market picking up in due course, there are still plenty of new investments happening every day, and they can’t achieve their goals without the right teams in place.”

So if you’re a company that’s hiring in the UK and not on this list, do let us know at [email protected].

This article is part of a partnership with a London-based talent consultancy, Scaling up, who are on a mission to change the way startups have to tackle hiring talent.

For partnering opportunities, contact [email protected].

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