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Prague’s Daytrip zips $10M Series B round to provide a superior alternative to Uber through car rentals

Daytrip's Founders Tomáš Turek, Markéta Bláhová, Valeriia Pshenychna, Jan Prokop, and Jiří Sváček.
Daytrip’s Founders, Tomáš Turek, Markéta Bláhová, Valeriia Pshenychna, Jan Prokop, and Jiří Sváček. Image credit;

The travel sector is experiencing a swift recovery post-pandemic, with international travellers not only rebuilding confidence in tourism but also embracing a more adventurous spirit. An increasing number of travellers seek immersive and authentic experiences, diverging from conventional travel offerings. While many travellers turn to online platforms like and Airbnb for accommodations, there are numerous choices available for planning transportation beyond traditional ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft.

One of them is Czech startup Daytrip, touting itself as a global travel platform providing private door-to-door car transfers in over 110 countries. Now it has officially closed its Series B investment round, securing $10 million in funding. The investment round was spearheaded by Taiwan-based VC firm Taiwania Capital, with significant contributions from existing investors including Euroventures, J&T Ventures, and N1. 

This infusion of capital will drive Daytrip’s further international expansion plans, including penetrating the United States market, enhancing its platform, and fostering strategic partnerships with key industry leaders.

How does it work?

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Prague, Daytrip, allows users to book private car transfers in over 110 countries across 6 continents through a network of over seven thousand English-speaking drivers. Over the years, Daytrip has assisted more than 850,000 people in transforming their journeys into comfortable experiences.

Daytrip emerged from the vision of its founders, Tomáš Turek [CEO], Markéta Bláhová [COO], Valeriia Pshenychna [CPO], Jan Prokop [Head of Drivers’ Operations], and Jiří Sváček [Head of Content], who sought to revolutionise city-to-city travel. Turek founded CK Shuttle with Svacek where they met Prokop, who joined as a driver. Together with Pshenychna and Blahova, they birthed Daytrip from a joint belief there should be a better way to travel between cities than public transport.

The platform offers door-to-door rides in private cars driven by professional, English-speaking chauffeurs, coupled with optional sightseeing stops, transforming the travel experience into an adventure.

Series B funding for global growth

Tomáš Turek, Co-Founder, and CEO of Daytrip expressed delight in achieving global milestones. He highlighted the platform’s commitment to providing not just transfers but memorable experiences, emphasising the growing preference of customers for unique travel encounters.

“We have truly global goals with Daytrip and it is so satisfying to see the brand’s expanding footprint and positive impact as we are now available in more than 110 countries worldwide,” said Turek, “Daytrip started with the idea that people want more than a transfer, they want an experience when going places and we are excited that our customers are choosing us for this reason and that our new investor, Taiwania Capital, believes in our product and supports us as we open the platform to millions of travellers around the world.”

The funding round, led by Taiwania Capital, signals strong support for Daytrip’s mission and potential to redefine travel experiences globally. Mitch Yang, Managing Partner at Taiwania Capital, emphasised the innovative aspect of Daytrip’s platform, which allows travellers to explore captivating destinations during their journey, making each trip distinctive.

“Daytrip’s innovative platform boasts optional sightseeing stops, enabling travellers to explore captivating destinations along their route, making every journey an adventure,” said Mitch Yang, “Taiwania Capital’s support in this funding round demonstrates our strong belief in Daytrip’s mission and potential to reinvent the travel experience.”

Unique travel experiences

Daytrip differentiates itself by offering optional sightseeing stops, enabling travellers to explore unique destinations enroute, fostering an immersive travel experience. In an era where travellers seek authentic and culturally rich experiences, Daytrip’s approach aligns with the evolving trends of 2024.

Markéta Bláhová, Co-Founder, and COO of Daytrip pointed out the shift in travel trends, indicating a rising demand for unique experiences and a willingness to explore beyond traditional tourist hotspots.

“Traveling is picking up again and in fact, data show that American travellers are about to take as many, or even more international trips in 2024 compared to last year,” said Markéta, “People are looking to explore countries they were not able to travel to during the pandemic, they are more willing to spend their money on unique travel experiences and immerse themselves into the local cultures. And Daytrip is ready to help them achieve that.”

The company’s commitment to flexibility, private transfers, and curated sightseeing stops has contributed to its increased popularity. In 2023, Daytrip facilitated the travel of over 350,000 people, doubling the figures from 2022.

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