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Myocene scores €3M to expand AI-based muscle fatigue-monitoring device for athletes

Myocene funding
Picture credits: Myocene

Myocene, a Liège-based sports-tech startup developing a unique device to measure muscle fatigue, has scored €3 million in funding. The investment came from InvestSud, Wallonie Entreprendre, Belgian public investor Noshaq (invested in CryoTherapeutics and RISORCE), and the historical founders. 

Expansion plans

The investment was partly in capital and partly in a convertible loan. It will be used to accelerate the commercialisation of the product in the European and American markets. 

Device to measure muscle fatigue

Myocene was founded in 2020 by Pierre Rigaux in Liège, Belgium. The company has developed an AI-based device to compute the value of the muscle fatigue index in just two minutes. 

The device uses a dedicated algorithm to analyse accurate measurements obtained using electrostimulation for force sensors and very well controlled muscle contractions. The device can be used both indoors and outdoors, helping top-level athletes to manage their fatigue and improve their performance. It also contributes to strength and conditioning coaching by offering the possibility of adapting training sessions and rest periods. Apparently, it helps prevent the risks of overtraining and injury.

“Since the previous round in March 2023,” said CEO Jean-Yves Mignolet, “Myocene has signed contracts with top European soccer clubs such as OGC Nice, Sporting Club Braga and Paris-Saint Germain, among others. Over the same period, more than eight hundred and fifty sportsmen and women used it during their training sessions, and more than ten thousand five hundred measurements were taken, enabling fitness trainers to make decisions on player training based on rationally objective information. These measurements have also helped us refine our device and improve user protocols, while confirming the excellent reliability of the data collected.”

“The Myocene device represents a profound change in the way top-level athletes are monitored,” added Dr Pierre Rigaux, Chairman and Founder. “The tests carried out since its launch have enabled us to establish our technology as a benchmark tool for measuring muscle fatigue in athletes. The three million euros we’ve just raised will enable us to look forward with confidence to growth in Europe and the launch of Myocene on the US market in 2025, for which we have the highest hopes.”

Use cases

The device is already tested by almost 1,500 athletes, extends to the entire professional and semi-professional sports market, filling an important gap in the objective assessment of muscle fatigue, a fundamental parameter linked to athletic performance. 

What do we think about Myocene?

With €3 million in funding, Myocene plans to expand into European and American markets. By providing precise, real-time data, it aids top athletes in optimising training and preventing injuries. Its rapid adoption by elite sports teams underscores its significant impact on sports performance monitoring.

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