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Mozza Angels, a new product-led angel investing syndicate aims to revolutionise venture investing

Mozza Angels team
Picture credits: Mozza Angels

Paris-based Mozza, a respected product studio for top-tier startups across Europe has announced the launch of Mozza Angels, a business angel syndicate that aims to elevate the product culture in the European tech ecosystem. 

Bringing together over 50 European leading product operators, the syndicate aims to revolutionise venture investing by prioritising product excellence within emerging startups. Mozza Angels supports founders at every stage of their development, providing them with funding as well as collective operational expertise (network, methodology, etc.) to help them accelerate their growth. 

Mozza Angels is led by Antoine Sakho, a seasoned angel investor with a deep understanding of the European tech landscape, and Adrien Montcoudiol, the CEO of Mozza. Sakho was formerly Head of Product at Busuu, which was acquired by Chegg for over $400 million. Since then, he has been coaching CPOs/VPs of Product and advised high-profile companies such as Strapi, Multis, and Ki Insurance. 

“Our ambitions are sky-high,” commented Antoine Sakho. “In 2024, we plan to invest €1 million or more, averaging €100k per deal at our current pace. Achieving this scale will unlock even more exciting opportunities for Mozza Angels and its members.” 

“Mozza Angels represents a significant milestone for the European tech ecosystem,” stated Adrien Montcoudiol. “We are committed to fostering a strong product culture and providing unparalleled support to early-stage startups and scale-ups. By bringing together our collective expertise and network, we can drive product-market fit, scale product organisations, and contribute to the growth of Europe’s startup landscape.”

Mozza Angels contributions 

The syndicate boasts an impressive roster of product operators who have made significant contributions to the tech industry. Founding members include Benjamin Lauzier, former Product Director at Lyft and former VP of Product at Thumbtack; Jordane Giuly, co-founder and former CPO of Spendesk; Aurélien Georget, co-founder and CPO at Strapi; Eveline Moczko, former Head of Product at Blinkist; Rémi Bardoux, former CPO at Lydia, the French mobile payment app; Sarah Setti, CPO at October and founding member of Comète, a business club for women leaders; Grégoire Charles, former Head of Product at Hexa; John Vars, former CPO at TaskRabbit & Qonto.

During the alpha phase for nine months, Mozza Angels has already achieved notable milestones. Aligned with top-tier venture capital firms, such as Gradient Ventures, Redstone, XAnge, Moonfire, Possible Ventures, and Atomico, Mozza Angels has invested in a slew of startups as mentioned below. 

  • Green Got: A sustainable neo bank driving the ecological transition.
  • Yello: A venture founded by three Meta product veterans, exploring opportunities behind LLMs.
  • Omena: The super-app for women navigating menopause.
  • Roundtable: The community-led investment platform, think European AngelList with boosted social features.
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