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Microsoft-backed German robotics firm Wandelbots enters the US

Photo Credit: Wandelbots

As the industrial robotics market expands, developers and end users will want an easy-to-use robotic automation platform.

In order to expand its global operations and accelerate human-centered robotics solutions in the industrial industry, the Dresden, Germany-based robotic software company Wandelbots, which makes working with robots easy and flexible has now opened a US office in Chicago.

The Microsoft-backed startup’s platform – Wandelbots Teaching works with any robot, letting users manage numerous models with no prior programming experience.

The German startup’s no-code solution is designed to allow users of all skill levels to programme a robot for optimal efficiency and automation. Sue Nicole Susenburger, who joined Wandelbots after nearly eight years at Bosch, most recently as Global Innovation Strategy Manager, will lead the US branch.

“Our product is tailor-made for the US market, which is ideal as a prerequisite for successful expansion,” said Christian Piechnick, Wandelbots founder and CEO. “The labor shortage in the United States is severe right now and is getting worse. Wandelbots can help to face this challenge and support US companies on their way towards automation and digitization of manufacturing processes.”

“Wandelbots is driven by the mission to democratize robotics,” Susenburger said. “We’re providing solutions to family-owned manufacturers that are struggling with labor shortage and need help implementing automation.”

The German startup has also been expanding its collaboration portfolio, which now includes Ohio-based robot maker Yaskawa America, Inc., Motoman Robotics Div., one of the first original equipment manufacturers to include Wandelbots as a trusted technology partner.

“The Wandelbots Teaching technology adds great value and simplicity to our robots for our customers, especially with our ArcWorld cells,” Josh Leath, Senior Product Manager for Yaskawa Motoman, said. “The easy-to-use software paired with its intuitive TracePen input device simplifies the user experience for any of our most popular industrial robots. It relieves the need for extensive robotics programming knowledge and opens new robotics automation opportunities for customers of all sizes.”

Wandelbots created a solution called Wandelbots Teaching that gave robotics the No-Code classification. Instead of programming, users may instruct their robots using a TracePen input device and easy-to-use software. Wandelbots gives both large and small businesses the ability to work with robots on their shop floors by making robotics easy to understand and accessible to application professionals.

Founded in 2017 by Christian Piechnick, Christoph Biering, Frank Fitzek, Georg Puschel, Giang Nguyen, Jan Falkenberg, Maria Piechnick, and Sebastian Werner, Wandelbots offers intuitive robot programming solutions, Wandelbots Teaching and their unified Wandelbots Developer Platform. Customers like Bayer, Rotop and Vitesco run on Wandelbots.

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