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Metaverse enterprise team-building platform Remio pockets $4.5M in Seed funding

Remio VR Networking
Image credits: Remio

Remio, the virtual reality (VR) for remote enterprise team building and collaboration has recently concluded a $4.5M Seed funding round, led by Khosla Ventures along with Version One Ventures, The Venture Reality Fund, and Moai Capital.

The funding follows strong organic growth in its business and adoption by several marquee customers including Google, Netflix, Fidelity, Hubspot, Twilio, Trello, and Nextdoor.

“We are excited to be investors in Remio as they continue to build the most compelling immersive team building and collaboration platform for the enterprise metaverse,”  remarked Tipatat Chennavasin, General Partner and co-founder of The Venture Reality Fund.

“We’re excited and grateful for the investor support, and appreciative that Sandhya Venkatachalam of Khosla is joining our board. Their support is a testament to the value we bring to our customers as well as Remio’s untapped market potential. Interactive workplaces with distributed teams is a growing, massive market opportunity, and I believe that Remio will provide the competitive edge for human capital development to our customers.” explained Remio’s CEO Jos Van der Westhuizen.

An enterprise metaverse solution

Remio’s approach to team building is already becoming the most fun way to connect business teams for most. It is offering an all-in-one solution for remote team building collaboration in the metaverse with a specific focus on enterprise customers and large groups.

Remio delivers to corporate team members, a pre-configured VR headset, hosting the team for fun team-building experiences. Additionally, the company has innovated a comprehensive application, through which its customers can create their own bespoke metaverse headquarters. As opposed to purely being a collaborative app, virtual meetings in Remio have merged game-like features into the mix.

Several of those features include Spaceship Escape Rooms, BarVR, and Paintball, on top of all of the standard VR collaboration tools available in a company’s HQ, such as whiteboards, breakout rooms, and magical presentation rooms. The platform’s innovative systems allow highly interactive sessions for over 150 people in a single VR scene and have already hosted multiple enterprise events with up to 300 people socializing, playing games, and exploring their company’s metaverse, simultaneously. 

Remio has proven to be an immersive social app with a keen emphasis on getting remote teams to do activities together through active engagement, education, and collaboration. The platform can be experienced in both self-serve and facilitator-hosted formats.

More about Remio

The San Francisco-based startup was founded in 2020 by Jos van der Westhuizen and Derrick van Schalkwyk. Inspired by the rise of hybrid work environments as well as the integration of VR technology in workspaces, the company set out on its mission to provide an all-in-one solution for remote team building in VR.

With the new funding, Remio will extend its core platform for enterprise customers to create their own magical spaces, games, experiences, and other fun activities in a safe & secure environment.

“There’s tremendous demand in the market for creative, interactive workspaces that lead to greater employee engagement and productivity. Remio is well-positioned to build upon its success in the enterprise by providing a superior metaverse experience for people and companies, and I’m looking forward to working with the team on this journey as a trusted advisor,” added Sandhya Venkatachalam.

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