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Meta alum’s French startup Omi snaps €13M for 3D GenAI-powered image creation

Omi team
Picture credits: Omi

Omi, a Paris-based startup in 3D GenAI visual content production, has closed €13 million in Series A funding. The investment round was led by Dawn Capital, which invested in Flatpay and Onum. The round also saw participation from Founders Future and notable angel investors, including Paul Robson, former International President at Adobe.

How will Omi use the funding?

The French startup will this new investment to scale globally, launch in the US and further develop its product offer. Already, the company has established its presence in the UK and across Europe. 

Dan Chaplin, Partner at Dawn Capital said “We’re delighted to double down on our investment in Omi with this pre-emptive Series A. The market for content creation is enormous, and Omi’s platform stands at the nexus of two megatrends in 3D and GenAI. Hugo and Paul have created the only player on the market that enables brands to truly utilise the power of 3D imagery generation and GenAI, disrupting and automating the content production lifecycle.”

Paul Robson, Former International President at Adobe added: “Omi is not just a platform; it’s a paradigm shift in content production. Omi democratises access to great design and is the comprehensive platform for product brands to generate and distribute their visuals delivering unparalleled results.”

What does Omi do?

Omi was founded in 2020 by brothers Hugo Borensztein, formerly a sales exec at Meta along with his brother Paul Borensztein. The GenAI SaaS startup empowers brands to model a product in 3D and instantly create ultra-realistic photos and videos, removing the need for physical productions. 

Its unique end-to-end product positioning enables product brands to streamline their imagery workflows and accelerate time to production, pair creative freedom with control over brand identity, and distribute their content and drive performance across all their channels using a single app. The company also unveiled a new ‘Generative Videos’ feature, which gives brands enhanced creative control over their product visuals.

Omi has already enabled hundreds of global brands, including Clarins and Nestlé, to strengthen their content production processes, and empower their teams with state-of-the-art 3D and specialised generative AI technologies with Omi’s intuitive design studio. 

“We believe creating visual content for your products should be a pleasure, not a hassle,” said Hugo Borensztein, co-founder and CEO at Omi. “We’re thrilled to provide a solution that not only saves time and money but also delivers unparalleled results for their brands – both in terms of creativity and performance.”

Leading multinationals have already come to rely on Omi for their content production. Clients include Clarins, whose Digital Communication Content Manager Orianne Bertrand said, “Thanks to Omi, we have improved the quality of our visuals, strengthening our brand image. Omi helps us standardise our visual content globally, ensuring perfect consistency across all our markets while speeding up the process of creating and distributing e-commerce banners.”

What do we think about Omi?

The company revolutionises 3D visual content production with its GenAI platform, streamlining workflows and enhancing brand identity control. The Paris-based startup, now expanding globally with €13 million in Series A funding, enables brands to create ultra-realistic photos and videos efficiently. 

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