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London-based Dronamics, world’s first cargo drone airline seeks to raise €2M via SeedBlink

Dronamics Black Swan
Picture credits: Dronamics

SeedBlink, a financing platform for European tech startups, is currently running its second fundraise for UK-based Dronamics, the world’s first licensed cargo drone airline. The campaign seeks to raise a pre-Series A funding of €2 million, exclusively on SeedBlink (that supported cybersecurity startup Cyscale) from July 18 to 31. 

This round allows existing and new investors to maintain and expand their stake in the cargo drone developer and operator. The current round follows the oversubscribed raise of €900K raised in December 2021, which saw participation from over 200 investors on the SeedBlink platform. The minimum ticket is worth €2,500 (€1,000 for SeedBlink Club members), which is an attractive threshold for individuals to become shareholders in the company. 

To date, Dronamics has raised $40 million from early-stage funds and angel investors in 12 countries. 

“With its strong first-mover advantage, innovative technology, manufacturing partnerships, and commitment to sustainability, Dronamics is poised to reshape the freight industry and lead the way towards a more efficient and environmentally friendly future of logistics. It’s an honor to have our seat at the table and give our community of investors the opportunity to support their vision just months ahead of their Pre-Series A round, which will bring the commercial launch of the business” said Andrei Dudoiu, co-founder of SeedBlink, the investment platform supporting Dronamics since 2021.

Commercial long-range cargo drones 

Dronamics is the first and only cargo drone airline with a license to fly long-range cargo drones in the EU. It completed its full-scale first flight successfully in May 2023 and is set to begin commercial operations at the end of this year, several years ahead of competitors.

Founded by brothers – Svilen and Konstantin Rangelov in 2014, Dronamics provides an all-in-one solution to its customers, by selling capacity on its routes, not aircraft. Alongside the Black Swan, the company is establishing a network of drone ports and fully remote control and cargo handling operations, ensuring end-to-end operational efficiency. This comprehensive approach streamlines the entire logistics process, providing a seamless end-to-end experience for clients.

Black Swan, a revolutionary drone! 

The core of Dronamics is the Black Swan, a revolutionary drone that has been designed to provide same-day deliveries. This advanced, remotely piloted aircraft integrates seamlessly into supply chains, ensuring reliable and efficient transportation of goods. The technology used enables same-day shipping over extended distances for a wide variety of industries: pharmaceutical, food, e-commerce, spare parts.

The Black Swan drone has a competitive advantage due to the use of certified technology from tier-one aerospace partners and a leading-edge design developed by the company’s world-class engineers.

“We are thrilled to be at the forefront of the cargo drone evolution. Our goal is to transform the way goods are transported, offering a faster, more efficient, and green solution. With a range of up to 2,500 km and up to 350 kg cargo capacity, the Black Swan offers not only enhanced operational capabilities but also substantial environmental benefits. When compared to conventional cargo transport methods, the Black Swan stands out by reducing emissions by up to 60%, saving time by up to 80%, and cutting costs by up to 50%”, stated Svilen Rangelov, Co-Founder and CEO of Dronamics.

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