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London AI startup Tactic fetches $4.5M to automate online research for sales and marketing teams

Image credits: Tactic

Tactic (previously QuantCopy), a London-based AI startup that automates customer and market research, announced that it has raised $4.5M in a Seed round funding led by Index Ventures

Visionaries Club, a German early-stage VC fund focused on B2B, participated in the round. 

The latest capital injection will allow Tactic to grow its product, frontend, and data engineering teams.

What does Tactic solve?

Currently, in numerous companies, sales teams, and customer services professionals spend dozens of hours searching, logging, and analysing customer and market data. 

Doing everything manually can be time-consuming and prone to error. Across all seniority levels, approximately 40% of professionals’ time is consumed with research and data entry, claim experts. 

“No enterprise wants to pay people to lose time to manual research and data entry. But they do. We knew there had to be a better way,” says Rudy Lai, CEO, and co-founder of Tactic. “Professionals don’t want search results – they want answers. There’s a demand for smart searching that’s powerful and customisable, and Tactic is here to fill it.”

How does it solve?

Founded by Jack Hodkinson and Rudy Lai in 2020, Tactic automates online research on sales and marketing teams. 

The platform allows sales and marketing workers to ask questions in ordinary language and apply filters for prioritising and ranking the insights. 

This guides machine learning algorithms to read billions of pages on the web and the user’s own stored or bought data that typically reside in isolated silos. 

The insights pulled into an intuitive dashboard automatically rank answers most relevant for the user. 

They can share their insights easily and take action on them in the form of to-do lists and integrated updates to their customer relationship management (CRM) software. 

Enterprise customers using Tactic have already been able to create highly accurate marketing campaigns and target the best sales leads, claims the company. 

Tactic is a remote-first company with a dynamic team located across 5 countries and speaking 10 different languages. 

Jack Hodkinson, CTO of Tactic, adds, “We allow our users to ask questions and get answers from unstructured data at the petabyte scale. Unlike data vendors, we let our users specify exactly what kind of queries they have, in a simple app where they can collaborate with their teams. We’re providing a seamless way for people to stay on top of their most valuable data.”


Based out of California, Index Ventures is a venture firm investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs from seed to IPO. Generational Index-backed companies include Adyen, Confluent, Datadog, Elastic, and Scale AI.

“Tactic is one of a new generation of companies that are seizing the opportunity presented by the seismic changes and improvements in natural language processing technology,” says Jan Hammer, Partner at Index Ventures, who led the investment. “The founders have a deep understanding of the pain points for companies, who must sink hundreds of human hours into mind-numbing research and data compilation. We believe Tactic could help unlock more human potential by allowing AI to take on the burden of these tiresome but necessary tasks.”

Based out of Berlin, Visionaries Club is a $170M early-stage VC fund focused on B2B. It unites the strongest network of successful digital entrepreneurs such as the founders of Flixbus, Skype, Spotify, and UiPath and family businesses like Swarovski, Mittal, and Oetker, in a venture capital fund to invest in the next generation of founders. 

“Tactic has the potential to create a new category around data automation by providing customers with the most relevant data, at speed, in the right format, at the right time.” – Marton Sarkadi Nagy, Principal at Visionaries Club.

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