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HelloFresh, Gorillas founders backed konfetti picks €2M funding

Image credits: konfetti

The COVID-19 pandemic and shortage of skilled workers have forced companies globally to shift to hybrid work models. 

Consequently, the reduced face-to-face contact between employees makes team building more difficult in the New Work era and weakens corporate culture. 

However, team events have proven to bring employees together and strengthen personal identification with the company.

While there are platforms for activities like picnics and tourism, there is a gap in the market for local workshops and team-building events. 

And here’s where konfetti, a German startup, addresses the issue.

konfetti is building a platform for local workshops and events by empowering workshop providers with customized SaaS solutions

Raised €2M

Recently, the Berlin-based SaaS-based marketplace raised an additional €2 million in seed funding led by Speedinvest (also backed cylib). Other participating investors include Peak, Angel Invest, and the Atomico Angel Fund.

The German company will use the funds to add more features to its platform and SaaS products, as well as fuel expansion. 

The announcement comes over a year after raising a pre-seed financing round in September 2021 from HelloFresh founders (Thomas Griesel and Dominik Richter), Gorillas founder (Jörg Kattner), early-stage investor Shio Capital, Zenjob founders (Frederik Fahning, and Fritz Trott und Cihan Aksakal), Amazon Manager Markus Meel, entrepreneur Martin Axnick, and entrepreneur Ludwig Cramer-Klett.

Platform for local courses and team events

Founded by Tobias Fezer and Wolfgang Mauer in 2021, konfetti is the platform for local courses and team events. 

The company’s SaaS solution enables workshop providers to extend their websites with an efficient online shop. 

Numerous event categories can be found on the platform: Cooking classes, painting classes, pottery classes, DIY workshops, wine tastings, and much more.

Users can now find and book workshops in more than 250 cities. 

Currently, more than 750 partners in Germany and Austria use konfetti and market more than 3,000 classes and events via the platform. 

“There are already about 70 categories, including cooking classes, baking workshops, pottery classes, painting classes, cocktail workshops, and tastings,” says Wolfgang Mauer. 

konfetti enables suppliers to manage their business and increase their sales with all-in-one software. 

Moreover, billing and invoicing, for example, is fully automated, tax compliant, and reduces unnecessary coordination with the company’s tax advisor.

“We are convinced that konfetti has created the ideal platform to book local classes and set a new standard for both guests and workshop providers,” says Speedinvest Partner, Julian Blessin. “In a short period of time, Tobias and Wolfgang have built an impressive portfolio of workshop partners and a truly value-adding SaaS-enabled marketplace that is benefiting both customers and local providers.”

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