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Germany-based sustainable tech startup watttron wraps €12M to revolutionise eco-friendly packaging

Watttron team
Picture credits: Watttron

Today, as the global demand for packaging rises, the industry stands at a critical juncture where change is imperative. The imperative for this transformation is accentuated by a fervent dedication to sustainability, recognising that growth must not compromise our environment, particularly in light of the adoption of the PPWR Regulation by the EU. 

Going by the same lines, we recently saw UK-based Penny Black raise funding for its personalised e-commerce packages and Finnish startup Paptic raise investment to replace plastic with sustainable packaging. The latest to bag investment is a German startup watttron. 

Expansion plans 

Specialising in digital temperature control systems, watttron has raised €12 million in Series B funding. The round was led by the Circular Innovation Fund (CIF), a global venture capital fund focused on circular innovation alongside Europe’s Demeter, North America’s Cycle Capital, and the European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF). 

In addition, watttron’s long-term partners – TGFS Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen, Constancia New Business (CNB), SKion GmbH, the BA Mr. Rico Kleinhempel, and new investors contributed to this round. 

The latest funding will allow watttron to develop its technological capabilities of sustainable packaging solutions and expand into the American and Asian markets. 

Develops revolutionary heating system

Michaela Wachtel and Ronald Claus von Nordheim founded watttron in 2016. It specialises in the development of digital heating systems for the packaging industry. With a clear focus on sustainability, the company aims to revolutionise the industry through groundbreaking solutions. 

Its digital heating systems include cera2seal and cera2heat. The thermoforming and sealing applications are specifically developed to help the flexible packaging industry process sustainable materials without loss of productivity or quality, whilst saving energy.

Last year, Mespack, a manufacturer of horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal machines for flexible packaging, end-of-line equipment, as well as water-soluble pods machines; and watttron signed an agreement to integrate smart digital sealing technology into flexible packaging machinery.

Guillaume Gras, Investment Director, ECBF, said: “watttron’s technology represents a quantum leap in sustainable packaging, drastically cutting carbon emissions by reducing material and energy usage and enabling the use of monomaterials, which significantly enhances recyclability. Simultaneously enhancing production efficiency and cost-effectiveness, this investment signifies more than financial support; it’s a commitment to pioneering a greener, more efficient future in the packaging industry.”

“Sustainability is more than just a trend; it’s a commitment we take seriously. We believe sustainable practices will shape the future of the packaging industry, and we are excited to contribute with the support of ECBF and the Circular Innovation Fund,” said Marcus Stein, CEO of watttron.

Stephane Villecroze, Managing Partner, Demeter Investment Managers: “We are delighted to contribute to watttron’s sustainable packaging mission via the Circular Innovation Fund managed by Demeter and Cycle Capital. Marcus and his team are developing industry-leading digital heating systems for existing and new packaging machines. This funding gives them capital for expansion and helps promote efficient production processes while adhering to sustainability principles in the packaging industry.”

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