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From a kitchen table to NASA Funding: Story of Droplette and launch of second-gen device

Picture credits: Droplette

Over the past few decades, the health and wellness sector has witnessed a remarkable transformation, thanks to technological advancements. 

Technology revolutionised healthcare delivery, disease prevention, and overall well-being, and much of this progress can be attributed to the influx of numerous innovative startups.


These companies bring fresh ideas, disruptive technologies, and novel approaches to enhance people’s well-being. 

More importantly, they have seized the opportunity presented by the evolving landscape of health and wellness, offering innovative solutions that cater to changing needs and preferences of consumers.

Meet Droplette

Numerous startups have brought forth fresh perspectives and personalised solutions that have reshaped the industry. 

And one such company is Droplette, a Boston-based skincare device manufacturer. 

To up its game and cement its position in the health and wellness industry, Droplet then launched its second-gen skincare device — Droplette 2. 

Droplette 2 — Skincare that outsmarts the skin barrier

According to the US company, Droplette 2 showcases significant optimisations across hardware, software, and mobile app updates. 

Leveraging fluid physics phenomena, this micro-infusing device converts dermatologist-recommended treatment capsules, such as collagen, retinol, tranexamic acid, glycolic acid, lip plumper, and growth factors, into a high-speed micro-mist. 

This mist permeates the skin without needles or causing any pain, surpassing the absorption depths achieved by injectables, and delivering the skincare ingredients more effectively than ever before.

This second-gen Droplette device shares just 5% of the same internal design as the previous version, and painlessly delivers skincare ingredients 20x deeper past the skin barrier than topicals for clinical-grade results at home.

“Through continued development based on research, testing, and customer feedback, we’ve created an improved Droplette device that will appeal to a wide segment of beauty product users,” says Droplette CEO and cofounder Madhavi Gavini. “The connected device leads to noticeable, lasting results, and by reducing the price we’re able to welcome more users who want to invest in their skin.”

How does it work?

Through a combination of fluid dynamics, the piezoelectric effect, and Fick’s laws of diffusion, Droplette’s inner mechanisms transform traditional water-based serums into a tiny, rapidly-moving mist that can bypass the skin’s barrier 20x more deeply than topicals, with no needles and no pain. 

Improved app and ecosystem

Previously, the Droplette app served simply as a way to control the device’s misting modes.

However, with the launch of Droplette 2 it has evolved to become an engaging home base for users to connect with a licensed esthetician for personalised guidance on demand, tailoring their skincare routine, and tracking their progress over time.

“Droplette 2 is sleeker and smarter. It allows users to create even more targeted and customized treatment plans, based on their own skin goals. Now, customers have access to an end-to-end connected experience to improve their skin from within,” said CTO and cofounder Rathi Srinivas. “With a more advanced app and stronger device connectivity along with one-on-one consultations with estheticians, Droplette users have every tool at their disposal to achieve maximum results.”

From kitchen table to NASA funding

Droplette was founded in 2017 by two MIT-trained engineers — Rathi Srinivas and Madhavi Gavini with the intention to transform everyday skincare routines. 

According to the founding duo, the inception of Droplette traces back to a rare disease conference where Madhavi and her colleague discovered Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a debilitating skin disease primarily affecting pediatric patients. 

To alleviate the immense pain experienced by those with EB, the female founders started exploring the idea of painlessly delivering the missing gene or essential drugs directly into the skin. 

Working on prototypes bought from eBay at Madhavi’s kitchen table, the duo stumbled upon fluid physics phenomena that held the potential to significantly enhance drug delivery through the skin. 

“We filed our first patent, started looking for funding, and were thrilled when our first grant for Droplette came from NASA—the fluid physics excited them, too,” says the founding duo. 

Multidimensional approach 

While Droplette’s initial focus was on developing a painless and needle-free solution for treating EB, Madhavi and her colleague soon realized the technology’s broader applications in everyday skincare. 

However, they never lost sight of their original mission and continue to receive support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for their EB research. 

Moreover, the team has partnered with the Walter Reed Army Institute to explore the use of Droplette in treating blast wounds sustained by soldiers in the field. 

According to the founding duo, the development of Droplette’s skincare technology involved extensive engineering, optimisation, and collaboration with physicians, drug delivery experts, and end users.

Countless iterations led to perfecting the device’s form factor, feel, and efficacy. 

Simultaneously, the team also dedicated years in the lab to formulate skincare solutions, fine-tuning ingredients and concentrations to ensure optimal results. 

Currently, the company works with experts including Dr. Leonard Miller, Dr. Rox Anderson, and Dr. Samir Mitragotri. 

The new Droplette 2 retails for $199 exclusively through and the app is available in both Apple and Android stores.

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