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French blockchain data visualisation startup Bubblemaps raises €3M to create ‘Google Analytics of Web3’

Bubblemaps founders
Picture credits: Bubblemaps

Most people find the blockchain to be highly intimidating. It involves complex terminologies and technical concepts that may confuse the common folk. As a result, many are discouraged from venturing into the space despite their interest in the promising industry. Transforming crypto research through playful and engaging visuals, French startup Bubblemaps makes blockchain data transparent, accessible, and playful, bringing a new level of transparency to the world of on-chain data.

Raises €3M funding

In a recent development, Bubblemaps has raised €3 million in seed funding. The oversubscribed investment round saw participation from prominent VCs, including INCE Capital, Stake Capital, Momentum 6, Lbank Labs and V3ntures. Also, participating were notable angels, including Nicolas Bacca (former CTO of Ledger), Dyma Budorin (CEO of Hacken), and Owen Simonin (aka Hasheur).

The funds will be used to advance its mission to help individuals and institutions make the transition to Web3. With this first fundraise, Bubblemaps aims to build on its growth. Notably, the company witnessed an exponential growth in 2022, during which over 100,000 monthly users joined the platform. Since then, Bubblemaps has been a reliable source for on-chain intelligence, with over 70,000 followers on Twitter/X. 

Google Analytics of Web3

Bubblemaps was co-founded in 2022 by Nicolas Vaiman and Léo Pons, both engineers from CentraleSupélec and serial entrepreneurs in the crypto space; Arnaud Droz, a skilled international entrepreneur from ECE Paris, and Cameron McIntosh, a crypto advocate of three years and seasoned marketing expert.

The company uses uses unique and innovative visuals to make blockchain data more accessible and user-friendly. By representing wallets as colourful bubbles, users can quickly and easily uncover hidden relationships, detect wash trading activity, and expose corrupted Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs). Bubblemaps works with the goal is to establish themselves as the Google Analytics of Web3, offering brands straightforward and accurate data analysis. 

It has established partnered with several blockchains that share their vision for easy on-chain data, including Arbitrum, Polygon, Avalanche, and BNB Chain, some of which participated in the fundraise. Bubblemaps’ visuals are directly accessible on leading DeFi platforms including OpenSea, DEX Screener, and DEXTools, with others coming soon.

It works with the commitment to improving blockchain data innovation has earned them an invitation to join Google’s Web3 Startup Program this summer. L’Oréal & HEC also selected Bubblemaps to join their highly selective incubation program at Station F in April 2023.

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