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Female-led Dutch startup Q*Bird raises €2.5M to secure the future of communications

Image credit: QBird

QBird, a Dutch startup dealing with quantum cryptography technology, has secured €2.5 million in funding to accelerate its growth and solidify its position in the burgeoning quantum security market. This investment positions QBird to become a major player in safeguarding critical data infrastructure against current and future cyber threats.

Back in March, we also reported about Zama, a leading open-source cryptography company, that secured $73 million in Series A funding. you can have a look at it as well.

Who are the investors

The funding round was co-led by QDNL Participations, a venture capital firm specialising in quantum technology, and Cottonwood Technology Fund, a firm focused on deep-tech ventures. InnovationQuarter, a regional economic development agency, also participated in the round.

Q*Bird’s core product, Falqon, is a quantum cryptography (QKD) solution that leverages the principles of quantum mechanics to offer unparalleled security for data communication. Unlike traditional encryption methods, which are vulnerable to potential attacks from future quantum computers, QKD provides “provably secure” encryption, ensuring data remains unreadable even by the most sophisticated adversaries.

What does the startup actually do

Founded in 2022, QBird is driven by the mission of safeguarding critical data infrastructure. Their patented technology boasts superior security and cost-efficiency compared to existing solutions. Notably, QBird’s platform offers superior scalability, allowing for a lower cost per additional user as networks grow.

Q*Bird is already making waves in the industry. They are actively involved in a large-scale pilot program at the Port of Rotterdam, a vital hub for European trade. Additionally, they have secured a launch customer for Falqon and partnered with Eurofiber, a leading European network operator, to enhance the security of its infrastructure.

“My vision for QBird is to become the largest supplier of quantum networking equipment in Europe, the US, and beyond,” says Ingrid Romijn, co-founder and CEO of QBird. She outlines the company’s two-pronged approach: providing secure data communication solutions currently and enabling future “quantum internet” connectivity through innovative products seamlessly integrated with existing networks.

Alain le Loux, General Partner at Cottonwood Technology Fund, highlights the groundbreaking nature of QBird’s solution, stating, “The untappable solution of Q*Bird will dramatically change the cybersecurity world.”

Ton van ‘t Noordende, General Partner at lead investor QDNL Participations, emphasises the critical need for robust cybersecurity, especially in a world with increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. He commends QBird for their “inherently secure” technology, which offers a significant advantage over existing solutions. Erik van der Zant, Head of Investments at InnovationQuarter, underscores the importance of QBird’s contribution to regional cyber resilience, particularly for critical infrastructure like the Port of Rotterdam.

What we think about the startup

QBird’s €2.5 million funding round and strategic partnerships position the company as a frontrunner in the emerging quantum security market. Their Falqon technology offers a compelling solution for protecting data communications today and laying the foundation for a secure “quantum internet” of the future.

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