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Facebook early investor Peter Thiel backs Lindus Health as London startup prepares for clinical trials

Lindus Health team
Photo credits: Lindus Health

London-based startup Lindus Health, known for its accelerated clinical trial processes, has been awarded a nearly half-million-pound Innovate UK Smart Grant from UK Research and Innovation. The grant recognises Lindus Health’s groundbreaking work in machine learning and data science, which has been described by UKRI assessors as a “hugely valuable and game-changing project.”

Funding from PayPal co-founder

The news comes as the company reveals it has raised $6 million to date from investors, including Firstminute, Seedcamp and Peter Thiel, to accelerate the use of machine learning and data science to revolutionise clinical trials.

Peter Thiel is a well-known American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and hedge fund manager. He co-founded PayPal, an online payments company, and served as its CEO. Thiel is also recognised as the first outside investor in Facebook, making a significant early investment in the social media giant. He has been involved in various successful ventures and is known for his investments in technology startups including SpaceX, Mondu, ISEE, Quantum Systems and more.

Following the recent funding round, Lindus plans to develop a groundbreaking platform that will oversee the entire lifecycle of clinical trials, marking a significant milestone in the industry. Additionally, their mission is to expedite the delivery of treatments to patients, aiming to enhance and prolong lives through faster accessibility to innovative therapies.

More than 80 trials across UK, US and Europe 

Founded by Meri Beckwith, Nik Haldimann, and Michael Young in 2021, Lindus Health accelerates the approval and market entry of treatments, has consistently completed trials at a remarkable three times the speed of traditional industry norms. 

With a track record of over 80 successful trials across the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe, the company is now collaborating with Pharmanovia, a global healthcare firm, to assess the safety and efficacy of a treatment for severe insomnia in a real-world setting. 

Leveraging digital technology, the UK startup aims to reach insomnia patients who are typically difficult to engage. Additionally, partnerships with Oto, Dopavision, George Medicines, and Bonafide Health (parent company – JDS Therapeutics) will facilitate trials for diverse conditions such as tinnitus, progressive short-sightedness in children, type 2 diabetes, and menopause symptom reduction. Launched in 2021 by Michael Young and Meri Beckwith, Lindus Health has already positively impacted the lives of 20,000 patients, focusing on discovering novel treatments for chronic ailments.

Co-Founder of Lindus Health, Michael Young, said, “Clinical trials are the biggest bottleneck to improving human health. We’re working with high-growth companies developing the next wave of breakthrough treatments to accelerate the clinical trials process. It’s fantastic to be working with the Government and industry pioneers to revolutionise clinical trials to deliver treatments to benefit patients more quickly. From monitoring trial data in real-time to using machine learning to predict trial outcomes and make improvements to trial designs in advance, we want to simplify and accelerate the trials process and put patients first.

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