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Ex-BMW executives grab €21M for the world’s first driver interaction platform

4.screen team
Image credits: 4.screen

Munich-headquartered 4.screen, the world’s first driver interaction platform, has snapped €21 million in Series A funding. The investment round was led by New York-based S4S Ventures and US-based Continental VC, which backed Munich startup Blickfeld.

4.screen has also received backing from German venture capital firms, Summiteer and BayBG, and from business angels from the automotive industry, including Matthias Müller, former CEO of VW, and Bram Schot, former CEO of Audi.

Expansion plans

The funding will be used to accelerate 4.screen’s global expansion plans and advance its platform. This year, it plans to add over 60 global consumer brands as customers, including Shell and McDonalds, and expand in the EU and North America.

Fabian Beste, Co-founder and CEO of 4.screen commented, “We are delighted to have closed our Series A funding round and to have secured the trust of strong investors. S4S Ventures brings outstanding business expertise in marketing and advertising, while Continental Corporate Venture Capital adds invaluable global mobility experience and knowledge.”

Sanja Partalo, Co-founder and Managing Partner at S4S Ventures commented, “4.screen is opening up one of the digital advertising industry’s most significant untapped channels, with remarkable speed and at scale. Their ability to integrate into the OEM’s core systems and utilise the rich data signals has enabled them to build a truly differentiated offering within the digital advertising industry.”

Sir Martin Sorrell, Founder and Chairman at S4Capital, and Co-Founder and Partner at S4S Ventures commented, “The automotive industry has always recognised the huge importance of advertising, and Fabian and his team are driving the industry’s advance into digital transformation and the immense value it can unlock for the driver, the automotive company, the advertiser and the digital advertising ecosystem as a whole. We are delighted to be investing ahead of the expansion into North America, which brings the potential to reach many multiples of the users 4.screen already has in Europe.”

Jürgen Bilo, Managing Director of Continental’s Corporate Venture Capital Unit commented, “We are pleased to announce that our Corporate Venture Capital Unit invested into 4.screen, a cutting-edge technology company that is revolutionising the way we consume and interact with digital content in the car. Their innovative solution combined with an excellent team, make them a standout player in the industry.”

Matthias Müller, investor and former CEO VW commented, “As an investor in 4.screen, I am delighted to have witnessed the company’s exceptional progress and accomplishment in securing its series A funding round. 4.screen’s technology has the potential to transform the in-car experience, creating massive opportunities for car brands to connect drivers with their surroundings. The digitalisation of vehicles is set to revolutionise both the automotive industry and the digital advertising industry, and 4.screen is at the forefront of this change.”

Bram Schot, investor, Board Member Shell and Senior Advisor Carlyle Group, former Chairman and CEO Audi AG commented, “Having witnessed the impressive progress of 4.screen, I am excited about the opportunity it presents for car brands and businesses. By enabling real-time interaction with drivers, 4.screen’s technology creates an entirely new marketing channel. I see the potential for companies like Shell to leverage this channel and reach millions of drivers in a personalised way.”

Connects and interacts with drivers

4.screen was founded in 2020 by three ex-BMW digital product specialists – Christoph Mahlert, Fabian Beste, and Simon Hecker. It allows global and local brands to interact with drivers in real-time via their car screens, using ground-breaking in-car technology and unique data signals.

By leveraging car sensor data, such as location, engine type, car brand and fueling or charging levels, the platform provides drivers with contextual information about nearby businesses, including parking, restaurants or shops. Marketers using its platform get targeting precision unmatched by alternative in-car channels. Eventually, businesses can target the most relevant audience at any given moment, driving brand awareness and creating a notable pickup in store visits by tapping into the market of on-the-go consumers.

Drivers benefit from a wide variety of useful services such as relevant in-car recommendations, better in-car content, and access to exclusive offers. Businesses of all sizes – from local shops to global brands use the 4.screen technology to increase their brand’s visibility or locations by offering useful content to drivers.

Currently, 4.screen has successfully launched with multiple car makers in Europe, including Audi, Skoda, and Mercedes-Benz, and is live with several million users actively using its platform.

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