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Evergrowth sets Baltics record, secures €2M pre-seed funding for AI-powered B2B sales platform

Evergrowth team
Evergrowth team. Image credit; Evergrowth

The world of B2B sales is highly competitive. As anyone who has worked in this area will tell you, time is money and the ability to reach out to the right client at the right time can make all the difference to your success. Normally, B2B sales teams spend substantial amounts of time doing manual deep research on individual accounts and their contacts to gauge and plan their strategy for each client.

Today, Lithuanian-based startup, Evergrowth, an AI-powered B2B account-based sales platform, has announced it has raised €2 million in pre-Seed funding, marking one of the largest pre-Seed investments in the history of the Baltics. The investment, led by Impellent Ventures and Practica Capital, underscores the growing influence of Baltic European SaaS startups and the increasing demand for optimised AI-driven strategies within sales and revenue teams.

Revolutionising B2B sales with AI

Evergrowth, is a B2B account-based sales platform leveraging AI-driven insights to create customer-centric sales frameworks. The platform transforms how companies engage, succeed, and build sustainable revenue growth machines. Evergrowth’s services focus on acquiring high-value clients through proven account-based strategies. With offices in Vilnius, Lithuania, and New York City, USA, the company aims to elevate the sales profession and redefine enterprise revenue leadership through advanced AI technology.

Evergrowth’s innovative platform eliminates spam and irrelevant sales messages, positioning it to achieve €500K in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) within three months of its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) launch. Sales teams leverage Evergrowth’s AI-driven platform to swiftly gather granular insights, including intent-based signals that trigger personalised engagement with prospects. The platform covers a wide array of intent signals, such as website visits, financial data, press releases, job postings, and competitor activities. This eliminates the need for manual, time-consuming research, allowing sales teams to focus on high-value, complex work.

Transformation from consultancy to SaaS

Co-founded in November 2023 by Jean-Baptiste Daguené, Mantas Urnieza, Tadas Cekavicius, Aivaras Rastenis, and Algimantas Padegimas, Evergrowth shifted its business model from consultancy to building a first-of-its-kind Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. The platform aims to address common challenges in B2B sales, including non-personalised outreach and misalignment between sales and marketing teams.

Jean-Baptiste Daguené, CEO and Co-Founder at Evergrowth, explained the strategic shift, saying, “After a year of ‘hard resetting’ in 2023, where we saw a return to a ‘back-to-basics’ mentality, we predict that in 2024, sales professionals will be expected to do more with less. The solution to finding new ways to perform and create meaningful conversations with prospects is harnessing AI-enabled account-based framework to enable sales teams with super granular machine-powered research based on ICPs and personas definition.”

AI-powered customisable workflows and real-time adaptation

Evergrowth’s platform includes a customisable workflow generation feature that harnesses LLM technologies. This feature creates dynamic customer-centric sales frameworks that adapt in real-time, guided by evolving market conditions, customer preferences, and organisational objectives. The platform seamlessly integrates with existing sales playbooks, streamlining sales cycles.

Use of AI and vision for the future

The founders experimented with OpenAI in 2023, discovering the potential for implementing AI into existing processes. The success of combining AI with proven go-to-market strategies led Evergrowth to focus entirely on scalable SaaS solutions. With the funding, Evergrowth plans to develop its platform further, expand its team, and venture into the US and European markets.

Noteworthy raise and Baltic startup ecosystem

The €2 million raise not only signifies a substantial capital injection but also highlights the growing interest in Lithuanian-based startups. The Baltic states, particularly Lithuania, have gained recognition as a “unicorn factory,” producing well-known tech businesses like Vinted, NordVPN, Skype, and Bolt. The funding received by Evergrowth exceeds the average pre-seed round in the region, showcasing investor confidence in Baltic equity.

Tomas Andriuškevičius, Partner at Practica Capital, expressed confidence in Evergrowth’s potential, stating, “The assembled team is full of rock stars with a proven track record of building successful startups and understanding the mindset of B2B sales optimization. While many solutions can offer generic sales strategies, Evergrowth provides specialised, data-backed frameworks to enable sales and revenue teams, and their unique approach to adapting LLM into their platform has shown us a revolutionary way to achieve sustainable, long-term business growth. We feel confident that Evergrowth will pave the way forward regarding AI-driven sales strategies and will only add to the high-calibre class of early-stage startups currently emerging from Lithuania.”

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