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Evergrowth and Apolo poised to transform AI-powered sales strategies with merger and Baltic record €2.5M seed round

Evergrowth team. Picture credits; Evergrowth

Evergrowth, an AI-powered B2B account-based sales platform, has announced a merger with Apolo Mktng, an AI-driven personalised marketing solutions provider. This merger combines the strengths of both companies to create a more customer-centric approach to sales strategies, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology.

Oversubscribed seed round

The announcement coincides with Evergrowth’s seed round increasing from €2 million to €2.5 million, breaking a Baltic record previously set by the company in February. This significant funding boost underscores the confidence investors have in Evergrowth’s innovative approach to B2B sales.

Strategic shift and technological integration

This merger marks a crucial step in Evergrowth’s transition from a consultancy to a technology platform. By merging with Apolo, Evergrowth gains exclusive access to Apolo’s advanced AI account-based selling systems and the data enrichment expertise of the Apolo team. Apolo brings over fifty specialised workflows using state-of-the-art AI technologies, including Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), Multi-Agent Workflows, and fine-tuned large language models (LLMs).

Enhanced sales capabilities

Evergrowth’s AI-driven platform enables sales teams to gather granular, account-based insights in real-time. These insights, known as intent-based signals or “prompts,” trigger meaningful, personalised engagement with prospects through “co-pilots.” The platform covers various intent signals, including website visits, financial data, press releases, job postings, and competitor activities. This automation drastically reduces the need for manual research, allowing sales teams to focus on higher-value tasks and generating deeper insights and optimised messages in minutes.

Encouraging early results

Since the merger, Evergrowth has successfully integrated Apolo’s technology into its platform, onboarding all clients and achieving impressive results. In the first month alone, the platform generated 77,060 prompts and over 1,200 AI-powered sales co-pilots, with one client mapping more than 250. This demonstrates the platform’s capacity to enhance sales strategies through AI.

Founders’ vision

Lithuanian Evergrowth, was co-founded by Jean-Baptiste Daguené, Mantas Urnieza, Tadas Cekavicius, Aivaras Rastenis, and Algimantas Padegimas. The founders are dedicated to addressing common challenges in B2B sales, such as non-personalised outreach and reputational issues, by creating a platform that prioritises customer-centricity over traditional, platform-driven sales approaches.

Jean-Baptiste Daguené, CEO and Co-Founder of Evergrowth, remarked, “Our tie-up with Apolo marks the next significant milestone in the development of AI-powered sales solutions following our oversubscribed pre-seed round. It brings together two cutting-edge development teams with different backgrounds and expertise, allowing us to add new perspectives and processes to our operations. Our platform is positioning itself as a leader in AI-driven sales solutions, with the ability to redefine B2B sales strategies and empower businesses to build stronger, more personalised connections with their customers.”

Alejandro Sanchez, CEO and Co-Founder of Apolo Mktng, added, “Apolo was founded to push the boundaries of AI-driven marketing and sales solutions, and this merger marks an exciting new chapter for us. We are delighted to join forces with Evergrowth, a company that shares our belief in the opportunity of AI innovation and customer-centricity. By combining our expertise, we are poised to deliver unprecedented value to businesses seeking to elevate their sales efforts through AI-powered solutions.”

A promising collaboration

The merger resulted from a LinkedIn post by Evergrowth founder JB Daguené on AI-enabled sales teams, which caught Apolo’s attention due to their work on data enrichments for account-based selling. The synergies between the two companies became evident through a series of interactions, leading to the decision to collaborate. Apolo’s team will now operate under the Evergrowth brand name.

About Evergrowth

Evergrowth, a prominent B2B account-based sales platform, harnesses AI-driven insights to create customer-centric sales frameworks, revolutionizing how companies connect and thrive. Their services focus on sustainable revenue growth by targeting high-value clients through proven account-based strategies. Evergrowth’s AI-powered workflows and data analysis tools empower sales teams to efficiently capture, recycle, and expand their Total Addressable Market (TAM), resulting in personalized, data-driven interactions and improved sales outcomes. Founded in November 2023 by serial entrepreneurs JB Daguené, Mantas Urnieza, Tadas Cekavicius, Aivaras Rastenis, and Algimantas Padegimas, Evergrowth operates from offices in Vilnius, Lithuania, and New York City, USA.

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