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Emagine Solutions Technology nets $1M grant to address maternal health crisis in the US

Emagine Solutions Technology founder
Picture credits: Emagine Solutions Technology

US-based healthtech startup, Emagine Solutions Technology, has been awarded a $1 million small business grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The company will use the funding to further develop its artificial intelligence models and integrate them into Epic, one of the nation’s largest electronic health record systems. It will also use the funds to improve its Journey Pregnancy app for patients and medical professionals.

“NSF accelerates the translation of emerging technologies into transformative new products and services,” said Erwin Gianchandani, NSF Assistant Director for Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships. “We take great pride in funding deep-technology startups and small businesses that will shape science and engineering results into meaningful solutions for today and tomorrow.” 

“The U.S. maternal health crisis is felt by every community in our country and it’s a nationwide priority,” added Emagine Solutions Technology Co-founder and CEO Courtney Williams. “Federal agencies such as the National Science Foundation are vital to addressing this issue with funding, policy and support that allows us to develop much-needed solutions, capture the nation’s attention and drive real change.”

 Improves maternal health system in the US

Emagine Solutions Technology was founded by Courtney Williams in 2017 in Tuscon, Arizona. The company operates with the aim to help improve the U.S. maternal health system by providing remote patient monitoring for pregnancy care. 

Emagine’s Journey Pregnancy app allows patients to track vital signs in pregnancy and transmit that information to medical providers in real-time. It lets users gain access to premium blood pressure monitoring tools. This app is available for free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. 

In addition to its Journey Pregnancy app, Emagine created its proprietary VistaScan software that transforms a doctor’s mobile device into a portable ultrasound machine.

Furthermore, Emagine announced a partnership in June with Withings Health Solutions, a division of Withings, a consumer technology company headquartered in France that’s known for creating the world’s first smart scale in 2009, under the partnership.

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