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DeNoize grabs over €1M to commercialise its active noise canceling smart windows

DeNoize team
Image credits: DeNoize

DeNoize, a startup based in Delft, The Netherlands that has developed an active noise reduction technology for windows, has grabbed over €1 million in funding.

The financing came from Innovation Quarter that initially invested in DeNoize in early 2020 via its proof-of-concept fund UNIIQ. Also, IQ Capital fund and several angel investors confirmed an investment in DeNoize.

This investment will enable the development of the company’s unique and patented active noise cancellation technology. It comes at a time when DeNoize is now preparing for commercial release in early 2023. The funds will be used to accelerate the commercialisation of its active noise cancellation technology.

Rinke Zonneveld – Executive Director at InnovationQuarter: “In early 2020 we decided to invest in DeNoize from our proof of concept fund UNIIQ to help the company in further developing its promising noise cancellation technology. DeNoize has made a lot of progress since. Hence we are very excited to take part in this new investment round from our IQCapital Fund”.

Jan Karel Mak – Former CEO of Deerns and investor in Denoize: “Noise nuisance is a major problem in densely populated areas. The DeNoize technology will improve the living comfort of many in an energy efficient manner, with major savings on building materials compared to conventional noise reduction alternatives. Based on solid science and technology, and with keen interest from relevant major application partners, DeNoize has been a logical investment choice.”

Hans Peter Fris (Managing Director at FRIS | Real People) and Edwin van Emmerik (Real estate Investor) – and investors in DeNoize: “Until now, the facades of buildings were designed with thicker glass and heavier materials to minimize noise transmission. The DeNoize technology makes it possible to construct lighter facades, bringing down construction costs considerably and making it possible to construct homes in places where it was not possible before. Through our investment In DeNoize, we believe we can contribute to a healthier and more comfortable built environment”.

Aman Jindal – CEO at DeNoize: “This new investment funding enables DeNoize to grow its team and transform our proven active noise cancellation technology into a market-ready product, while expanding our current IP portfolio. It also enables collaboration with strategic partners and puts the company on the trajectory to scale up in the near future”.

What does DeNoize do?

DeNoize was founded in 2019 by Aman Jindal and Olivier Schevin. It works with the mission to tackle noise pollution in cities and enable a healthier and more comfortable living environment for residents.

To realise this mission, the company has developed an active noise reduction technology for windows that can block a majority of the outside noise from entering our homes. The DeNoize technology can attenuate annoying noises such as airplanes and highway noises while amplifying pleasant sounds such as birdsong in the morning and rain sounds. The company wants to bring users closer to nature through sounds.

Supported by partners

DeNoize has made significant progress by completing several key milestones toward the commercialisation of its technology. It has created its unique Startup EcoSystem in NL and Europe by combining public organisations (like Royal Schiphol Group), industrial partners (like NSG/Pilkington), advisors and funding partners.

Also, DeNoize is supported by Schiphol’s Living Environment Foundation and Royal Schiphol Group. Both parties see potential in DeNoize’s technology; their smart windows represent an opportunity to reduce noise nuisance around Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

Carolijn Schoofs – Head of Innovation at Royal Schiphol Group: “We expect that DeNoize and their smart windows can make a positive contribution to the local residents’ quality of life. That’s invaluable. We are supporting DeNoize by sharing knowledge and want to ensure that their product matches well with the needs and wants of our local residents”.

Joost Wagemakers – Director of Schiphol’s Living Environment Foundation: “We are providing DeNoize with financial support in the form of an innovation subsidy, so that among other things, pilots can be carried out. We hope to apply the technology within our program soon, if this is successful, to improve the perceived living environment for local residents further,” said Joost Wagemakers, director of Schiphol’s Living Environment Foundation.

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