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DELLI: Depop for food and brainchild of Simon Beckerman grabs £2.5M funding

Image credits: DELLI

Simon Beckerman, a 47-year-old British-Italian entrepreneur, who was born in Milan and lives in London, founded Depop in 2011. The founder of online second-hand marketplace Depop scored a multimillion-pound windfall after it was snapped up by US rival Etsy for £1.2billion.

Now Beckerman has joined up with Natalie Lee Joe, chef and owner of the now-closed Dalston yakitori restaurant Jidori to launch DELLI — a new online food and restaurant marketplace targeted at food lovers and passionate makers.

£2.5m seed investment

Although DELLI is in the BETA stage right now and will be ready for launch in February 2022, the company has just welcomed HV Capital as its investors with an announcement of a £2.5m seed investment.

The raise marks the second joining of forces for Beckerman and HV Capital, after their previous venture together, as they claim it, the wildly successful Depop.

Talking exclusively to TFN, Beckerman comments, “The investment is going to be used very strategically, we are hiring across the tech and development team to bolster the offering, but also looking to expand the amazing team we have for onboarding. This investment will help us reach further and wider across the UK, and it’s the start of a very exciting journey for sure.”

“For HV it was an easy decision, to follow the invitation, to invest again in Simon on his latest sustainable venture. When the DELLI team sat down and shared their vision, HV saw how it fits in with the mindset of so many consumers, and saw a great opportunity to help the many businesses that either struggled or were starting up in such difficult years”, says Lars Langusch, Founding Partner at HV Capital.

Now, the DELLI app came out from stealth mode and witnessed a soft launch with 30 makers onboard. With a team of 20, the app is designed to connect curious people and support independent producers in the culinary world.

Talking about who will be using DELLI the most, Beckerman says, “Curious minds. If you understand food and drink to not be a one-dimensional product, but part and parcel of the human experience with great stories and creators, DELLI will be on your radar.”

DELLI – Depop for food?

While the founder agrees that Depop has inspired some of the thinking behind DELLI, he highlights that DELLI is a different product.

“Depop came at a time when Instagram had just started and our behaviour to social media was on the brink of massive change. It revealed an entire counterculture within the fashion industry that was ready to be nurtured, the community was there but it didn’t have a place to be together.” 

“Likewise, DELLI has been created after a pandemic which has altered the way we interact with food and community, it has revealed a buzzing world of food lovers and makers. So in that vein, DELLI, like Depop, can become a source of inspiration, connection, and a supportive network for all those obsessed with food.”

So, how does it work?

For community members, one can launch the app and jump straight into a world of food and drink and explore unique cuisines from the small-batch makers. As a ‘buyer’ within the community, if you see something you fancy, a few short clicks later and it’s on its way to their home.

“For the creators of the community, we can help onboard them to a makers account so they can sell their products to their followers through DELLI. Part of the process is making sure we get to know each one of the makers personally and help create a beautiful page that really shows the best of what they do and who they are. From here, we have helped create a new revenue stream for many small businesses as well as promoting them as part of our community, and what they are producing through our own channels on Instagram and our newsletter – highlighting the latest drops,” adds Beckerman.

Brainchild of Simon Beckerman

My Neighbour The Dumplings, 40ft Brewery, Mama Chen, Kold Sauce, Tacos Padre, Lil Wong Bakes, Nourished Communities, Papi’s Pickles, Kefir Magic and Rapscallion Soda among others are using the DELLI platform since its debut.

Talking about the brand mission, Beckerman notes,” Our mission is to unite interesting food and people; from the inventive cook dropping a fresh batch of bagels, to that surprising bottle of pet-nat. As a buyer, you can discover exciting drops and support passionate, independent producers. As a maker, you can share your food or drink with a new community eager to try new things.”

As far as creating a difference from the competitors, he says, “We are building a food market in your pocket, yes, but more than that, we are here to emphasise and promote the people behind the products as much as the amazing products they make.”

Image credits: DELLI

Good food for everyone and zero waste

Post the pandemic, which made it challenging for the hospitality industry, DELLI aims to support the innovative pivots, new localised networks, and fuel the fighting spirit.

DELLI believes that good food is for everyone and the platform is sustainable. Beckerman concludes, “The food industry has undergone a vast and rapid change in the last two years as a result of the pandemic, we have noticed how many new creatives are launching mini-businesses and brands in the food space.”

“Seeing how people have pivoted, localised their supply chains, incorporated values such as zero food waste, sustainability, diversity, and generally heightened the standards across the board, has been fascinating to witness. Because of this change, we saw that opportunity for the community to disrupt the way people consume food, in a way that makes it good for their health and the health of the planet. My passion has always been building communities, and I also have a passion and interest in the tech platforms we live our lives through these days. It was natural for me to bring these together in a way that feels inspiring for those that want to discover more about this community and new ways of eating.”

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