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CES 2023: The best of European startups seen at world’s biggest tech show

German Bionic
Image credits: German Bionic

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), an annual event that showcases the latest and greatest in consumer electronics, made a triumphant return to Las Vegas this 2023. 

The “most influential tech event in the world” witnessed more than 3,200 exhibitors globally showcasing their products attended by over 100,000 participants. 

To reiterate, CES is an annual three-day event showcasing the latest developments and trends in consumer technology. If you want to know where the technology industry is heading, then there’s no better place to be than CES.

In this article, we have listed out top gadgets and innovations showcased at the world’s largest consumer electronics extravaganza coming from Europe. Take a look! 

Image credits: Candela

Candela’s electric hydrofoil C-8 watercraft

Candela, a Stockholm-based company, unveiled the production version of its electric hydrofoil C-8 watercraft at CES 2023, Las Vegas.

This premium watercraft spans 28 feet with a top speed of 30 knots. Further, it can cruise for over two hours at 20 knots and is the first production day cruiser equipped with Candela’s electric hydrofoil system that reduces water friction by 80 percent. 

The Candela C-8 consists of a C-Controller, an onboard computer that uses inputs from various sensors to adjust the boat’s hydrofoils in real time to balance the craft in waves, wind, and different loads. 

The premium watercraft is powered by the Candela C-POD, a 55kW direct-drive electric motor that requires no scheduled maintenance for 2,000 hours. 

On the luxury front, the C-8 features a large, comfortable cockpit with seating for eight, a large sunbed, a spacious front cabin equipped with beds for two adults and two kids, and a marine toilet. All settings on the C-8 are controlled from the boat’s 15.4-inch touchscreen or remotely from the Candela app. 

Image credits: NOWATC

Watch that helps you live ‘mindfully’

Based out of Amsterdam, NOWATCH is the world’s first “awareable,” a screenless designer watch that provides real-time feedback about movement, sleep, and stress. 

The Dutch company showcased its product at CES 2023 to restore balance and help users live more fully in the “now.”

According to the company, NOWATCH helps to break the cycle of overstimulation, anxiety, and stress, liberates the wearer from an ‘always-on’ culture, increases mindfulness, and opens them up to the potential of every moment. 

The device is powered by Philips EDA (ElectroDermal Activity) biosensing technology to determine changes in skin conduction, learn biorhythms, and make the wearer aware of their emotions and physiology.

Further, it features an interchangeable gemstone face and delivers gentle vibrations throughout the day.

Image credits: OVR Technology

Experience scent digitally with ION 3

OVR Technology, a company specialising in digital scent technology, unveiled first-of-its-kind scent technology tools for consumers. Previously only available for enterprise, OVR’s new next-generation wearable will also come with scent-creation tools. 

Dubbed ION 3, it is the first personal, wearable scent technology optimised for VR, AR, mobile, and desktop to enhance immersion and create more emotionally engaging, entertaining, and effective digital experiences.

The company claims it is the first to deliver high-resolution, low-latency sensory experiences. In addition, this digital scent technology can be controlled and communicated via Bluetooth.

OVR Technology currently works with partners to deliver impactful experiences in wellness, entertainment, brand/marketing, and social connectivity. 

Image credits: Wisear

Control your earphones with neural interface

Wisear, a deep tech company that built a neural interface for humans to control their devices seamlessly, unveiled the world’s first smart earphones — ‘Perceive’, with neural-based controls with companies like Logitech & Jabra at CES 2023.

Perceive is the first-ever wireless earphone that can be controlled silently and hands-free, thanks to a neural interface that decodes brain and facial activity straight from the ears.

The company uses tiny electrodes to record brain, eye, and facial activity signals. Wisear’s recently patented AI technology transforms into intuitive controls, letting users play music or answer a phone call without using their hands or voice. 

By the end of 2023, Wisear promised to release new controls based on eye activity.

 In 2024, the first features based on brain activity will be added to offer a complete portfolio of interface controls, enabling all the main actions in our digital life. With this, Wisear technology enables everyday devices to become natural extensions of our minds.

Image credits: OneThird

Scan to know fruit/vegetable shelf life 

OneThird helps to prevent food waste via data-driven quality prediction of fresh produce. The company has developed a handheld scanner, which, when kept against a fruit or vegetable, gives out its estimated shelf life on a connected smartphone. 

According to the Dutch company, every fresh produce has a unique spectral fingerprint. Furthermore, the company claims that it has collected vast amounts of spectral data for different varieties and maturity levels. 

OneThird’s system combines this with other data sources and uses AI algorithms to analyze the data and determine the expected shelf life. The people behind OneThird have years of experience in spectroscopy, imaging, algorithms & software development. OneThird is based in Enschede, the Netherlands.

Image credits: Withings

Monitor your pee with Withings’ miniaturised health lab

Withings, a company specialised in smartscales and other health-focused consumer tech, unveiled U-Scan, a miniaturised lab that attaches to a toilet closet and collects urine. 

The device provides an immediate snapshot of the body’s balance by monitoring and detecting various biomarkers found in urine while offering actionable advice for health improvements.

Each cartridge comprises a dozen test pods containing specific types of biomarker tests. The company claims that when placed in the reader, this versatile system can support nearly limitless medical and health use cases by adapting the test pods.

Image credits: German Bionics

Physically demanding work made easy with AI

German Bionic, a European robotics firm that develops and manufactures smart power suits and other wearable technologies, unveiled AI-powered smart wearable tools that revolutionise workplace safety in physically demanding jobs.

They are:

  • Apogee: Most versatile AI-supported power suit from German Bionic
  • Smart SafetyVest: Smart vest brings ergonomic monitoring and protection to every worker
  • German Bionic IO: Cloud-based software platform that intelligently manages and analyses workplace ergonomics and safety practices

It was the world’s first company to deliver connected exoskeletons for the workplace, applying self-learning and artificial intelligence to support lifting movements and prevent poor posture, thereby becoming an intelligent link between humans and machines.

The German Bionic smart power suits and wearables protect workers’ health and markedly reduce the risk of accidents and injury to improve work processes. 

Image credits: Lifeaz

Portable defibrillator for home emergenciess

Lifeaz, an health care startup, unveiled its easy-use, portable defibrillator at CES 2023. According to the company, the design is smaller and more lightweight than models found at hospitals in general. 

The defibrillator comes with a user guide and can automatically decide the therapy to deliver, so there’s no danger of a user making a mistake. In addition, the defibrillator is connected to Lifeaz’s system, so the status and location can be continually monitored.

Image credits: Knopka

Knopka’s advanced call system for hospitals

Ukrainian startup Knopka (‘button’ in Ukrainian) unveiled an automated nurse calling system. 

Knopka’s founder and CEO, Ivan Osadchyy, developed the device after spending time with his grandmother in the hospital and had to track down the nurses when she needed something.

Knopka is an autonomous system that can be downloaded onto a smartphone. The system monitors the patient’s heart rate in real time and has a wireless alarm button. In addition, the system receives data from patients’ vital signs monitors and notifies nurses automatically.

The system notifies medical staff:

  • When a patient has an abnormal heart rate
  • When the treatment plan requires attendance
  • When a patient makes a call

The company claims that the system ensures that medical staff arrive at a patient’s bed within 3 minutes.

These are some of the innovative technology showcased at the grand CES 2023 event in the Las Vegas. Well, this is just a start since it is only expected to keep growing in the future. Which is your pick out of the list?

Do let us know in the comments section below!

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