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Beyond Meat of seafood: Current Foods nets $18M to make fish food from plants


Current Foods is a new fish school that uses food science below sea level to create seafood exclusively from plants. Earthly ingredients are combined with inventive culinary technology to develop products that are uncompromising in flavour, texture, appearance, and nutritional density, while being free of microplastics, mercury, and planetary strain.

The San Francisco-based alternative protein contender known for producing fish from plants, has raised $18M in seed capital.

Ray Lane, Managing Partner at Greatpoint Ventures, and Union Grove co-led the round, with participation from Electric Feel Ventures, the venture arm of entertainment behemoth Electric Feel Entertainment. Astanor Ventures, Chris Paul, and Tenacity were among the other investors.

Fund usage

The US-based company plans to use the capital to accelerate its distribution and product offerings — both domestically and globally.

Led by CEO Jacek Prus, Ron Shigeta, Sonia Hurtado, Current Foods creates fish food exclusively from plants and earthly resources, with no microplastics, mercury, or planetary strain. Founded in 2019, the company is currently expanding across the country in restaurants, retail, and e-commerce.

“We have always said that Current Foods is bringing the catch of tomorrow to the current,” says Jacek Prus, CEO and Co-founder of Current Foods. “With this round, we’ll be able to do so faster and more universally. Consumers are ready for more seafood options and our ocean’s health can’t wait.”

“With the earth’s growing population eating the foods we love, we are paying the ultimate price…global warming, eroding health, and dwindling protein sources,” said Ray. “At GPV, we feel we have invested in the Beyond Meat of seafood, extending the runway of wild tuna, salmon and other predator ocean species for their critical supply of protein to humans and non-humans.” 

Fish and seafood’s replacement

Current Foods, also targeting itself at the ‘Beyond Meat of seafood’ has even gotten a nod from CP3: Chris Paul, a 12-time NBA All-Star and Phoenix Suns tycoon. The company claims to be in a well-position to expand its distribution and product offerings both locally and worldwide, allowing consumers to enjoy next-generation seafood while also saving the ocean in a single bite.

The firm aims to reproduce the flavour and texture of tuna and salmon using unexpected plant combinations. Bamboo, algae, and potatoes have been combined to generate seafood that competes nutritionally with conventional fish while containing no pollutants or cholesterol.

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