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Belgian startup Bar.on creates world’s first molecular beer printer

Photo Credit: Bar.on

Bar.on, a Belgian beverage startup, has created the world’s first molecular beer printer, which can produce multiple types of beer in seconds.

Several beer types can be manufactured and customised using molecular-level flavour ingredients in terms of alcohol percentage, bitterness, fruitiness, sweetness, and spiciness.

The One Tap prototype from Bar.on can produce an array of beer varieties, including blonde, brown, IPA, and triple, as well as non-alcoholic variations. Customers can select their favourite beer, fully customised and freshly mixed, to enjoy at home or in a bar.

The flavour compounds employed by Bar.on are all natural, and many of them are also used in traditional brewing procedures. Nevertheless, the One Tap beer printer eliminates the requirement for fermentation as well as the transit of heavy final product, considerably decreasing the environmental footprint and transportation costs. 

Furthermore, Bar.on attempts to reduce waste by minimising packing, and it makes effective use of water by needing only locally sourced tap water.

One Tap Pro, a version designed for bars and pubs, is now being developed and should go through field testing later this year.

“As a science company, we are building smart devices to demonstrate the capabilities of digitising beverages,” said Valentijn Destoop, chief product officer.

The One Tap’s release date and price are yet to be determined.

The prototype was created by the company’s founders, CEO Dirk Standaert and CPO Valentijn Destoop, in collaboration with VIB/KU Leuven professor Kevin Verstrepen. The team is currently expanding with experienced scientists, brewers, sensory experts, and business professionals. In 2022, Bar.on raised €1.8M in startup finance.

The Antwerp-based company is now raising series A capital to expand its operations and production capacities.

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