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AimHi Earth bags £1M to provide climate and sustainability training to businesses

AimHi Earth founder
Picture credits: AimHi Earth

Everyone wants a future with clean air, healthy soil, stable weather, and unpolluted water. This is what AimHi Earth does when it comes to preventing the climate and nature emergency. 

London-headquartered AimHi Earth, a climate and sustainability training provider, has secured £1 million in funding. The investment came from tech and finance entrepreneurs Nicco Perra, Sam Wisnia, and The Climate Planet Foundation. 

With this investment, AimHi Earth plans to work on its mission to provide essential training to workers across all sectors to combat the climate emergency. The Climate Planet Foundation invests in projects that equip people with the knowledge and skills to enact real change. 

Provides climate training and education

Founded by Matthew Shribman, Bella Soares, and Sarah Humphrys in 2020 in London, AimHi Health tackles the climate crisis head-on by ensuring employees of large companies are empowered to take action with curated training. Its mission is to create 100 million nature-first employees.

The company provides accessible and engaging live, online climate training and education, curated for organisations, backed by data and delivered at scale.

Whilst many companies are committed to achieving net zero, there is often a critical gap in knowledge and action. AimHi Earth is urgently upskilling workers at all levels to incorporate sustainability into their decision-making and equips sustainability teams with the data they need to engage their workforce in the long run. 

Wide range of clientele  

AimHi Earth works with multinational corporations including PepsiCo, Unilever, and Molson Coors, and is supported by renowned institutions like Cambridge Zero at the University of Cambridge, the UN Environment Programme, the Eden Project, and Nature4Climate.

Matthew Shribman, Co-founder and Chief Scientist at AimHi Earth said: “We all want a future with clean air, healthy soil, stable weather and unpolluted water. This is why we’re all on the same team when it comes to preventing the climate and nature emergency – everyone wins when we accelerate the evolution of our economy and society to one that’s sustainable and regenerative. At AimHi Earth, we know that knowledge is the foundation of progress. That’s why we’re on a mission to train and upskill hundreds of millions of professionals, to champion and enable circularity, sustainability and operating within planetary boundaries.”

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