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AI-powered cleaning revolution: London’s United Robots prepares for big debut with latest funding

United Robots team
Picture credits: United Robots team

As per the American National Safety Council, slips, trips, and falls are the most common ways people get hurt in warehouses. Of these, spills and debris cause 30% of the accidents. Given the demanding nature of industrial settings, pausing cleaning due to a worker’s injury can be expensive. Autonomous cleaning robots that can navigate through crowds ensure safety and reduce extra labour costs outside regular hours.

This is where a deep tech startup headquartered in London, United Robots comes into the picture. It has unveiled a fleet of autonomous industrial cleaning robots. In addition to this, the company has received support from Aper Ventures and other investors for the development and deployment of the robots.

Dariusz Mankowski, CEO and co-founder of United Robots said, “Our robots are highly efficient and reliable; their real edge lies in their ability to work harmoniously with humans in crowded settings, in real-time. We’ve redesigned the traditional machine, enabling each robot to turn in place, making it the most agile autonomous scrubber available.”

Piotr Sławski, Managing Partner in Aper Ventures, commented, “Our investment in these floor scrubbing robots signals a paradigm shift where machines enhance human tasks rather than interrupting them. It proves that deeptech offers solutions even for warehouse, automotive, and manufacturing managers seeking solutions for staffing shortages.”

Robots focusing on worker safety 

Founded in 2016 by Dariusz Mankowski in London, United Robots has developed autonomous industrial cleaning robots that are equipped with advanced AI detection to navigate crowded spaces. As per the company, these robots can scrub an area equivalent to two football fields on a single charge.

What’s more, these robots are designed specifically for bustling industrial spaces, these robots ensure continuous cleaning without compromising human safety. The smart AI-driven system prevents cleaning overlaps, conserving water, detergents, and energy. This approach offers a sustainable cleaning solution that cuts warehouse or manufacturing site maintenance costs. 

After extensive testing in Poland, Europe’s fourth-largest warehouse supply market, the robots are set to debut in the UK and Germany. Businesses adopting this technology can expect cost savings of up to 85%.

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