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AI for employee support: US-based Atomicwork closes $11M to help staff feel connected with work

Atomicwork founders
Picture credits: Atomicwork

Post the effects of the pandemic, workers are being strongly encouraged to return to the office. However, bosses have acknowledged the lack of employee support and experience in the workplace and its impact on productivity. They are ramping up their employee experience stack with various benefits, including a healthy employee experience. 

As employee experience is a critical item on the CEO and CIO agenda as employees return to offices, San Francisco-based Atomicwork leverages AI to solve this problem. The company simplifies the number of tools employees interact with every day.

Now, the employee support startup Atomicwork has announced its launch from stealth with $11 million in seed funding led by Blume Ventures (which invested in Pixxel and Ultrahuman) and Matrix Partners with participation from Storm Ventures, Neon Fund, and prominent angel investors.

Atomicwork will use the fresh investment to boost the employee experience of workers around the world and help them feel connected with everyday work needs. 

“Our goal with Atomicwork is to help companies offer a great experience with good efficiency,” commented Vijay Rayapati, CEO and Co-Founder of Atomicwork. “With Atomicwork, we’re looking to help companies go from employee support to employee success. We believe every employee can drive growth and impact the business’s bottom line. By helping them move faster and accelerating productivity, we help deliver a culture of employee success aligned with business outcomes”.

“Our decision to back Atomicwork was driven by our belief in how Vijay, Kiran, and Parsuram are reimagining the idea of employee success. Blume’s relationship with this special group of entrepreneurs began many years ago, thanks to a prior fund. We’re very excited to invest in this transformative space and support Atomicwork as they reshape the future of employee experience and success,” said Sanjay Nath, Partner at Blume Ventures.

Pranay Desai, Principal at Matrix Partners, stated, “The problem of employee support and experience has been crying out for innovation, and the way Vijay and his team at Atomicwork are approaching the solution, with a completely modern and user-led approach, is thrilling for us. Add to this the fact that this is an experienced team that understands well how to build world-class products; we are delighted to be part of this journey.”

Arun Penmetsa, Partner at Storm Ventures, said, “The proliferation of HR and IT solutions in the last 20 years has led to a huge number of tools for employees to interact with, resulting in delays and loss of productivity. Atomicwork provides a single self-service platform for a hybrid workforce that addresses this pain and dramatically improves the employee experience.”

Leverages AI to offer employee support

Atomicwork was founded in 2022 by Vijay Rayapati, Kiran Darisi and Parsuram Vijayasankar. Vijay is a SaaS veteran, whose startup Minjar was acquired by Nutanix while Kiran and Parsuram were both part of the founding team of Freshworks. 

Its employee success solution enables enterprises to deliver fast and scalable employee support workflows. Harnessing AI, Atomicwork seamlessly integrates employees, processes, and systems for unparalleled efficiency in support, service, and operations. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company has offices in Singapore and India. 

Atom, the AI assistant of AtomicWork, learns from company processes and tribal knowledge to assist employees with their questions and requests without human intervention. The platform features the ability to have different service teams like IT, HR, Finance, and Legal work in their own private spaces. Also, it provides a unified experience for employees and efficiency for the enterprise.

Notably, Atomicwork works with collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams and uses conversational intelligence to automate support, service delivery, and operations at scale.

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