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After €10M funding, this German startup wants to turn your vehicles into moving theme parks, partners with HTC

Image credits: Holorider

Last April, holoride, a Munich-based startup that turns vehicles into moving theme parks, raised €10M funding in Series A round led by Terranet AB, at €30M valuation.

The company wanted to use the funding to ramp up talent acquisition, strengthen our international position and expand its offering for the content creator community.

Fast-forwarding ten months, holoride has announced a partnership with HTC VIVE, a Virtual Reality (VR) brand of HTC Corporation.

Image credits: holoride

Why this partnership?

With this partnership, holoride will deploy its extended reality (XR) technology in VIVE Flow to transport users from the backseat of a car to an imaginative world filled with content around every turn, including both VR and traditional 2D content. 

The German company merges extended reality (XR) content with real-time motion, location, and navigational data from the car and its environment, creating hyper-immersive experiences. 

“With VIVE Flow, riders can naturally navigate and maneuver through the virtual worlds with the same intuitive gestures as they would with conventional VR devices,” writes holoride.

With holoride’s advanced cinema mode, individual users can privately enjoy 2D content on a virtual, motion-synchronized cinema screen.

“holoride is on a mission to create exciting in-vehicle experiences for passengers to travel the Metaverse, and that starts with putting our technology in the hands – or on the heads – of riders,” says Nils Wollny, CEO and co-founder of holoride. “VIVE Flow is the ideal device for on-the-go XR, so we are thrilled to be partnering with HTC VIVE to give riders direct access to holoride. The glasses’ sleek, portable design means riders can enjoy a fun and connected experience anywhere they go.”

What is VIVE Flow?

Weighing at 189grams, VIVE Flow is a VR headset featuring a sun-glass design. It has a 1.6K-per-eye display with a 100-degree field of view at a 75Hz refresh rate, reports The Verge. 

The device has adjustable diopter lenses that offer personalised focusing power and a dual-hinge design for comfort and stability while wearing it. 

The VIVE ecosystem is built around premium VR hardware, software, and content.

“VIVE Flow can fit in the palm of your hand and still deliver a breathtaking experience,” says Shen Ye, Global Head of Hardware at HTC VIVE. “Paired with holoride’s impressive tech, you’ll be able to turn car rides into virtual amusement parks. We’re very excited to work with holoride in shaping the future of passenger entertainment.”

VIVE Flow integrated with holoride’s XR technology will be on display and available for demo as part of the HTC VIVE exhibition booth (Hall 7, stand 7A40) at Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona, Spain Feb. 28 – Mar. 3.

Image credits: Holorider

Founded by Daniel Profendiner, Marcus Kühne, and Nils Wollny in 2018, holoride is a developer of in-car VR systems for the automotive industry.

holoride is developing the future of in-vehicle media, linking XR with real-time motion data, like acceleration and steering. 

By processing motion and location-based data in real-time, holoride enables the creation of content that adjusts to travel time and route, and as a result, is perfectly in sync with the passenger’s journey.

The company’s technology provides a new type of immersion into any kind of VR content, creating an immersive experience, and significantly reducing motion sickness.

Terranet, who led the Series A round, will work with holoride to enhance the real-time, in-car XR experience by incorporating aspects of its versatile sensor tech software to ensure precision, speed, and intelligence as vehicles move safely and quickly through their environments.

In terms of accolades, holoride has been hailed “Best of CES 2019” four times, recognised as one of the “100 Best Inventions of 2019” by TIME Magazine, and is part of the global innovation platform “STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play”.

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