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14 visionary startups working with Amazon Alexa to revolutionise smart home technologies in 2022

startups working with alexa

The concept for Alexa is to set consumers free to do more in life. To accomplish this, Amazon persists to assist the growing number of startups and entrepreneurs working with voice technology.

At CES 2022, Amazon did not participate, citing the surge in the number of COVID-19 cases. However, Amazon backed exciting startups that demonstrated the power of ambient intelligence at home, in car, and outdoors. Ambient intelligence is the kind of technology, which understands users and adapts accordingly.

Here at TFN, we have curated a list of 14 startups that showcased innovation at the CES 2022 (tech event held at Las Vegas, last week) along with Alexa.

Image credits: Asleep

Asleep (South Korea)

CEO: Dongheon Lee
Founded year: 2020
Total funding: NA

Sleep tech startup Asleep showcased its AI sleep assistant technology at the CES 2022 trade show as a part of Amazon’s Alexa team for the first time for a Korean startup. Asleep has developed a contactless sleep-tracking analysis tool, which uses IoT solutions and wireless internet. This medical-grade sleep monitoring AI software and a personalised sleep health app are available to all. It accurately analyses sleep patterns and quality than the existing smartwatches with sleep-tracking capabilities.

Image credits: CLMBR


Founder/s: Avrum Elmakis, Nat Carruthers
Founded year: 2019
Total funding: NA

Colorado-based CLMBR is an ergonomic and innovative vertical climbing machine. It features a large-format touch display with on-demand, instructor-led classes. The startup’s patented design has a low level of required maintenance, a high-quality build, and is easy to move, thereby making it ideal for commercial or at-home use. The folding stationary bike is conveniently sized without a large footprint but is over seven feet tall.

Image credits: Embodied

Embodied (US)

Founder/s: Maja Matarić, Paolo Pirjanian
Founded year: 2016
Total funding: $22M

Embodied, a California-based startup, which belongs to the Alexa Fund portfolio works with the mission to build socially and emotionally intelligent robot companions. Its first iteration – Moxie, a robot companion for children was developed to promote emotional, social, and cognitive learning. This next-generation AI robot complements traditional therapy and supports social-emotional development in kids through play.

Image credits: Endel

Endel (Germany)

Founder/s: Dimitry Bezugly, Kirill Bulatsev, Oleg Stavitsky
Founded year: 2018
Total funding: $6.2M

Headquartered in Germany, Endel creates AI-powered personalised soundscapes to help you focus, relax, and sleep. Its patented core AI technology takes inputs such as location, environment, and natural light level to create the optimal functional soundscape, personalised on the fly. Back in 2020, Endel raised $5 million in Series A funding in a round led by Kevin Rose of True Ventures alongside participation from Amazon Alexa Fund and a stellar list of other investors.

Image credits: Karios

Kairos (US)

Founder/s: Dean Fung-A-Wing, Seth Taylor
Founded year: 2017
Total funding: $200k

As IoT and AI took the centre stage at CES 2022, Kairos from Georgia, US, an IoT startup, showcased its latest innovations for the IoT and smart building management. It works on a mission to help property owners secure a more resilient, sustainable future through intelligent water metering and leak detection technology.

Their patented high spatial leak detection and ultrasonic water meter with shut-off are designed using LoRaWAN to communicate in signal adverse environments over long distances using 10-year batteries. It has been revealed that the existing and flagship designs for signal zone and multi-zonal leak detection with Alexa skill integration will be available in the first two quarters of 2022.

Labrador Systems
Image credits: Labrador Systems

Labrador Systems (US)

Founder/s: Mike Dooley, Nikolai Romanov
Founded year: 2017
Total funding: $5.1M

At the CES 2022 show, US-based Labrador Systems introduced the Labrador Retriever, its new personal robot, which empowers individuals to live more independently. The robot provides them with physical and practical assistance in their everyday activities in their home. Recently, the early-stage startup that develops a new generation of assistive robots bagged $3.1 million in seed funding from Amazon Alexa Fund and iRobot Ventures along with SOSV returning and new investors such as Grep VC.

mui Lab
Image credits: mui Lab

mui Lab (Japan)

Founder/s: Kaz Oki
Founded year: 2017
Total funding: NA

Japanese startup mui Lab specialises in designing IoT interfaces that enable calm digital living. At CES 2022, the company introduced a visual interface that works with Alexa. The interface is a version of the “mui Board,” the company’s award-winning smart-home control hub made with natural wood. When users speak to Alexa, the interface executes their voice commands silently via a minimalistic visual display and provides haptic control.

Image credits: Ome


Founder/s: Akshita Iyer, Ranjith Babu
Founded year: 2016
Total funding: NA

OME Health is a personalised nutrition technology company. Its platform enables the use of a broad range of biological and digital health markers to deliver personalised, health outcome-focused nutrition journeys. Ome’s flagship product is the first retro-fit smart device that can turn any gas or electric stove into a smart appliance in minutes, thereby allowing homeowners to monitor and control their stoves from anywhere, anytime, using both a proprietary app and voice assistant integration.

Image credits: Preemadonna

Preemadonna (US)

Founder/s: Casey Schulz, Pree Walia
Founded year: 2013
Total funding: $9.2M

Preemadonna is a women-led Alexa Fund Portfolio company, which powers creative expression with interactive experiences aimed at the Gen Z makers. It was awarded CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for its flagship product Nailbot, a patented and connected, at-home manicure system that prints instant nail art and photos from your smartphone onto your fingernails.

Image credits: RiseGarden

Rise Gardens (US)

Founder/s: Hank Adams
Founded year: 2017
Total funding: $14.2M

Another Amazon Fund Portfolio company, Rise Gardens is involved in designing state-of-the-art indoor gardens that make it possible for anyone to grow their own food. The indoor gardens are beautifully designed to fit any home and lifestyle. This living pantry will elevate the way you eat by making your meals tastier, healthier and more sustainable. By bringing nature into a home, anyone can become a happier version of themselves.

Image credits: Span


Founder/s: Arch Rao
Founded year: 2018
Total funding: $20M

SPAN is a California-based startup belonging to the Amazon Fund Portfolio. The company has reinvented the electrical panel to let homeowners intelligently monitor and control their home energy, as well as, charge their EVs. It lets homeowners power their lives sustainably and conveniently. It recently announced SPAN Drive, a new Level-2 EV charger, and launched the SPAN Meter Panel, an all-in-one replacement for existing meter combo panels.

Image credits: Spinn

Spinn (US)

Founder/s: Roderick de Rode, Serge de Warrimont
Founded year: 2014
Total funding: $23M

Another US-based Amazon Fund Portfolio Company is Spinn. It has come up with a connected coffee brewing device, which uses centrifugal technology to make Espresso, Coffee, Americano and Cold Brew. The company also owns a Coffee Marketplace, which enables auto-ordering when your coffee runs low. Each coffee is optimised with spin speed, grind setting and water temperature to get the perfect cup based on recipes from the roasters.

Image credits: TalkGo

TalkGo (US)

Founder/s: Andrew DeLorenzo
Founded year: 2018
Total funding: NA

US-based TalkGo develops on the go products such as TalkSocket, which is the first product from the company. It is a mobile accessory that delivers Alexa hands-free everywhere you go. It combines Alexa and a PopGrip that can attach to any phone or case to allow you to use the voice assistant on the go without unlocking your phone.

Image credits: Vestaboard

Vestaboard (US)

Founder/s: Dorrian Porter
Founded year: 2015
Total funding: NA

California-headquartered Vestaboard is a smart messaging display, which lets you control from anywhere. It reimagines the display seen at European train stations. This display can be used at work to send or schedule messages for your loved ones, team members and customers. It creates a captivating shared messaging experience irrespective of the environment.

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