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Y Combinator alum Anima secures €11M for next-gen clinical operating system

Anima founders
Picture credits: Anima

London-based Anima, a next-gen care enablement platform, has raised €11 million in oversubscribed Series A funding. The round was led by Molten Ventures, which recently invested in Morressier and IMU Biosciences. Other investors participating in the round include Hummingbird Ventures, Amino Collective, and Y Combinator. Also, it saw contributions from angels, including Sidar Sahin, founder of Peak Games.

This funding will enable Anima to accelerate deployment to tens of millions of patients and healthcare professionals worldwide. In the coming year, the company plans to release the next version of the software (Anima 1.5), which will enable unprecedented automation of front- and back-office workloads and even greater data interoperability to support digitally integrated care in multiple geographies.

What challenge does Anima tackle?

Clinics and healthcare professionals are facing severe financial constraints, inefficiencies, and burnout—problems that are especially acute within the NHS and widespread globally. Founded in 2021 by Shun Pang and Rachel Mumford, Anima delivers a universal operating system that streamlines care at multiple levels – clinic, network, and region. 

Its patient-facing app allows Anima to supercharge every stage of the care journey. As per the company, it resolves 85% of patient inquiries within a day, which is a vast improvement over the typical 11-14 day timeframe seen with standard practices.

High abstraction APIs automate anything from document processing to medical consultations to automated generation of coded clinical notes. Following a product update in December 2023, Anima has already halved the time practices spent on coding, processing, and filing documents.

Plans for Anima 2.0 

Its longer vision is Anima 2.0, a high-level abstraction for healthcare and the life sciences powered by Annie. Notably, Annie is the company’s proprietary AI healthcare system and clinical co-pilot. 

Anima 2.0 aims to democratise personalised medicine across the entire healthcare domain space, augmenting human clinicians with superhuman abilities through multimodal inference of high-resolution longitudinal care journeys. This will not only transform patient outcomes and clinic workflows but also put Anima in a position to unify healthcare and life science pipelines into a single platform.

Anima launched its first paying clinics in September 2022 and is now deployed in over 150 NHS clinics in England that provide care to over 1.3 million lives. 

Shun Pang, co-founder and CEO of Anima, commented: “We’re excited to bring Inga of Molten on our journey. From day one, it was clear to us that she shared our vision of care enablement, a thesis Inga and Molten have had for years. I’m deeply grateful for the special crew we have at Anima. This is a passion project – we’re building what we wish we had as doctors and patients. No one is here just to do a job. We all serve a greater purpose – and that’s why ultimately we’ll continue to move mountains.”

Inga Deakin, Investor, Molten Ventures added: “Software and artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is a rapidly growing multi-$bn sector, but many solutions take time to integrate and realise their potential. A key reason why Anima is growing rapidly, is because they can directly and immediately have an impact: to improve operations and efficiency to benefit patients, healthcare teams and healthcare systems. This team understands the relevant workflows, the needs of patients and healthcare workers, and is building a large, scalable engine for change.”

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