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This startup raised $2.3M to tackle PMS and period pain using neurotechnology wearable

This startup raised $2.3M to tackle PMS and period pain using neurotechnology wearable

A significant shift in women’s healthcare is brewing, as medtech startup Samphire Neuroscience secures $2.3 million in pre-seed funding to launch their groundbreaking neurotechnology wearable, Nettle. This innovative device offers a drug-free solution for managing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menstrual pain, addressing an often-overlooked issue that impacts over 90% of women globally.

The round saw contributions from notable venture firms with experience in medical devices and women’s health, including SOSV, FIRSTPICK, Afterwork, Seaside, Ayuh, CVX Ventures, Dr Pamela Walker and Rowena Ironside.

Just a few days back, female-led healthcare startup raised $3.3M funding and is dedicated to helping women’s health by addressing better menopause care.

Bridging the gap in women’s health

Despite the widespread prevalence of PMS and period pain, the medical field has historically under-researched and underfunded solutions for these conditions. Existing treatment options often come with unwanted side effects or necessitate significant compromises. Recognizing this gap, Samphire Neuroscience, co-founded by neuroscientist Emilė Radytė and lawyer Alex Cook, aims to empower women with a safe and effective solution specifically tailored to their needs.

Nettle: How does it work

Nettle, taking the form of a medical-grade neurostimulation headband, utilises transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to target both the prefrontal cortex, responsible for mood regulation, and the motor cortex, associated with pain perception. This unique approach sets it apart from other brain stimulation devices by simultaneously addressing the emotional and physical aspects of PMS and period pain.

Science paving the way

While research backing Nettle is still evolving, the evidence supporting its potential is steadily growing. Studies have revealed a significant connection between hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle and changes in brain activity, particularly in areas governing mood and pain perception.

“Women’s health has been notoriously under-researched and underfunded for decades,” emphasises Radytė, CEO and Co-Founder of Samphire Neuroscience. “As a result, women have been expected to compromise when it comes to taking care of their minds and bodies. What we’re doing is approaching things differently – with the brain as the nexus of health.”

This emphasis on a comprehensive approach that tackles both physical and emotional symptoms is what sets Samphire apart. Nettle represents a groundbreaking step towards fulfilling this need, offering a drug-free and non-invasive alternative to traditional treatments.

Investment and future vision

The pre-seed funding round, featuring renowned venture firms and angel investors with expertise in medical devices and women’s health, underscores the growing recognition of the unmet need for innovative solutions in menstrual health and Samphire’s potential to address it.

“I have spent my career investing in mental health solutions, and was struck by how unique Samphire’s approach is,” states Duncan Turner, General Partner at SOSV. “It not only pays attention to – and gives a solution for – challenges that are so common yet overlooked, but also aims to support women across their lives, so they could thrive.”

With the secured funding, London-based Samphire plans to accelerate their clinical research and regulatory approvals for Nettle. Their vision is to become a leading force in empowering women with safe and effective tools for managing their menstrual health, paving the way for a future where women are no longer expected to compromise on their well-being.

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