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This female-led London startup bags £1.4M for subscription service of sustainable nappies

Peachies founders
Picture credits: Peachies

The latest estimates suggest the nappy market could be worth £1.2 billion in the UK alone by 2027. Realising the potential in the market, Peachies, a female-led London-based premium nappy brand makes products more environmentally friendly and reduces the impact of nappies on our planet.

Snaps £1.4M funding 

In a recent development, Peachies has snapped £1.4 million in funding from prominent investors from the UK, the US, Germany, and Austria. The investment round was led by Anotherway Ventures, the fund supporting purpose-led consumer brands, and Antler, the most active private early-stage global VC firm, which invested in Cedar and Quinky.

Also, several high-profile angels, including the founders of children’s bicycle brand Woom and a former senior leader at Kimberly Clark (Huggies owner) invested in Peachies.

This investment comes at a time when the funding environment for consumer products is more competitive than ever. It enables Peachies growth further disrupting the nappy market in the UK and beyond. The company will use the investment to grow its team and drive its expansion across Europe.

Environment-friendly nappies 

Founded in 2023 by Rima Suppan and Morgan Mixon, Peachies produces a premium quality product that stands out in a heavily commoditised category. Focusing on the highest quality materials and perfecting the nappy fit, it has been engineered to transform the nappy experience with fewer changes per day and unparalleled skin-friendliness. 

Peachies are currently available in the UK via the company’s website. Parents can purchase these nappies via easy-to-manage monthly subscriptions and get them delivered straight to their homes.

As per the company, it saves up to 93 tonnes of CO₂ equivalent emissions per 1,000 babies, equivalent to the weight of 17 elephants. 

Jono Holt, Partner at Anotherway Ventures, said, “We’re super proud to be investing in Peachies. It’s a great brand that represents and respects modern parents and the nappy market is crying out for more innovation and more sustainability.”

Morgan Mixon, Co-Founder of Peachies, added, “From the beginning, Peachies has been backed by founders, industry executives and experienced investors. Now, we are adding to our brain trust renowned funds like Anotherway Ventures and Antler alongside angels all who believe in our mission to make modern parenthood more joyful by focusing on an essential routine at the heart of childcare that has been long overlooked, leaving parents frustrated.”

Rima Suppan, Peachies Co-Founder, added, “We are creating a new nappy category where premium product and customer service design unlocks uncharted value for families. That’s longer nights, fewer nappies per day, less laundry and the assurance baby’s skin is protected and comfortable. With this additional capital, we are poised to accelerate growth in the UK, expand our product range and supercharge our nappy concierge service modelled on luxury hospitality.”

Frederik Brandis, Investor at Antler, commented, “Morgan and Rima are two highly motivated and creative founders who are building a company that addresses a fundamental need for millions of parents around the world. They are committed to creating a high-quality product that is having a positive impact on parents as well as the planet. We are delighted to have supported them and have every confidence in their future success.”

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