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This 24-hour AI copilot for young parents founded by expat moms snaps $400K funding

FAMS founder
Picture credits: FAMS

Currently, millennials make up 80% of parents with children under 12, and Gen Z is predicted to be the majority of first-time parents in the US before 2025. As more millennials and Gen Zs become moms and dads, the parenting psychology market, which makes up about $91.4 billion, is taking the digital route and is steadily transferring from traditional family counseling, online services, courses, and webinars into fast-access mobile solutions.  

This is where FAMS, a US-based supportive family co-pilot app comes into the picture. It enables parents to build deeper connections with their kids with AI. 

Growth plans ahead 

To capture a major share of the parenting psychology market, FAMS has raised $400K in pre-seed funding. The round is led by US-based SMOK Ventures, which invested in SunRoof and Finmap, Andrey Avsievich, a successful angel investor with 6 exits, Dmitry Smirnov, Partner at Flint Capita, and Ilya Lesun, Ex-CEO Vochi, acquired by Pinterest, who joined their capitals as business angels. 

FAMS plans to use the raised capital on product development and advancement, user acquisition, and exploring new international markets.

Brainchild of Belarusian mothers 

FAMS was founded by Belarusian expats Helene Malyutina and Darya Kolkovskaya, mothers of two kids. Darya has been a practicing family psychologist for more than 10 years and a certified professional as a consultant. 

The FAMS’ app provides parents with verified effective hacks for common challenges, personalised programs for nurturing child development, and engages rituals to establish healthy habits. 

The app guides parents through the nuances of child psychology with the help of interactive stories, that simulate real-life situations. The app doesn’t teach parents what to do. Instead, it gives them a choice on how to react and what to say, shows the consequences of their everyday communication choices with kids, and offers alternative scenarios. 

24/7 AI chatbot 

With its 24/7 AI chatbot, the app ensures round-the-clock assistance for parents. By aligning the power of AI and practical expertise from certified psychologists, FAMS has become a universal multi-dimensional platform for effective family bonding, helping to establish an atmosphere of comfort and trust between parents and their kids. 

“Each of our investment decisions starts with the founding team. Helene is determined, eager to learn, analytical, and has a gift of attracting awesome people, all the traits required to be successful as a founder,” said Borys Musielak, Founding Partner at SMOK.VC. “The parenting app market is crowded with low-quality content, and I believe that FAMS has a chance to build something bigger than that: a global community, a safe place for parents to learn, exchange information, and connect with each other, a long-awaited manual for your child.”

Helene Malyutina, co-founder of FAMS, commented: “We live in a truly amazing time when every family has unity, and every family member individually has opportunities to reveal their full potential. The FAMS app offers a new way of understanding and managing the emotional climate in the family through learning with interactive stories. We do not teach parents how to live and what to do. Instead, we give them a choice and with the help of a simulator show them the consequences of their everyday communication choices.” 

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