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Richard Branson-backed Swisspod seeks €7M funding to propel its hyperloop tech for high-speed trains

Picture credits: Swisspod

Hyperloop is a revolutionary intra-continental passenger and cargo transportation system consisting of an autonomous, fully-electric capsule traveling at near-sonic speeds (1200 km/h) in a low-pressure environment, with almost no air resistance. It will significantly cut travel times between cities and countries and will be more sustainable than any current mode of mass transportation, as its direct carbon emissions can be driven down to near zero through magnetic levitation and electric motors for propulsion.

This is what the Swiss-American startup Swisspod is currently focusing on. It is developing a hyperloop solution for freight transportation as a pivotal step towards its ultimate goal of making this system accessible for passengers. 

In a recent development, Swisspod announced a new round of €200K on SeedBlink as part of a total funding round of €7 million. The round has also attracted co-investments such as Charlie Holding, Polysys Industries and an exclusive circle of business angels.

High-speed travel solution 

Swisspod was founded by two winners of the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition – Romanian Denis Tudor and Cyril Dénéréaz in 2019. The idea emerged from a conversation between its founders and Elon Musk, the co-founder and CEO of SpaceX. This encounter was the catalyst that led them to embark on a mission to develop the most efficient, accessible, and sustainable hyperloop solution.

The company has gained the attention of renowned entrepreneur Richard Branson, a supporter of hyperloop. 

Hyperloop project in India

Swisspod has developed the construction of Europe’s first hyperloop testing infrastructure in Switzerland. The company has expanded its research and development efforts in Colorado, USA, and, through a partnership with TuTr Hyperloop.

It is working on developing and deploying this technology in India, backed by an agreement between the governments of Switzerland and India. 

“The hyperloop solution we are building at Swisspod is not only incredibly fast and sustainable, but also economically viable as we substantially cut the infrastructure costs. We’re thrilled to share our vision for the evolution of transportation with the Romanian community of investors who, like us, value innovation and sustainability, and are contributing to shaping a thriving future”, said Denis Tudor, CEO and co-founder of Swisspod.

“SeedBlink is more than just a fundraising platform, we are a growth environment for transformative projects like Swisspod’s hyperloop. Our platform provides a complex ecosystem for innovation, growth and success, and we’re happy to team up with Denis and his team again. The opportunity to invest in Swisspod is more than an investment in the company’s revolutionary technology; it’s a commitment to shaping the future of global connectivity and sustainability,” added Eric Bartha, Head of Revenue at SeedBlink.

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