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Neocis digs its teeth into $20M to propel robotic-assisted dental implant surgery

Yomi robotic dental assistant
Yomi robotic dental assistant. Image credits; Neocis.

Surgery of any kind is a worrying proposition for anyone, but for many, dental surgery holds a unique level of trauma. For this reason, any possibility of reducing; time spent in the chair, pain, recovery time, and the chances of a return visit or complications would be a highly desired option. Recently, one US tech company that provides this option to dentists and patients, has just secured new funding to further the development of their popular robotic dental assistant.

Neocis, working on robot-assisted dental implant surgery, has announced a funding round of $20 million. The latest financing was led by Mirae Asset Capital/Mirae Asset Venture Investment, venture capital firms affiliated with the Mirae Asset Financial Group focusing on growth-stage healthcare and technology. NVentures, NVIDIA’s venture capital arm, also participated in the funding.

Pioneering robotic surgical system

Neocis, headquartered in Miami, is a venture-backed company at the forefront of dental surgery transformation with robotics. Collaborating with clinicians, the company develops innovative technologies to advance patient care.

Neocis is best known for manufacturing and marketing Yomi®, the first and only robotic surgical system in dentistry cleared by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Yomi is a computerised robotic navigational system designed to assist in the planning and intraoperative phases of dental implant surgery.

The platform extends its capabilities to plan and execute robot-guided alveoloplasty. Intended for partially and fully edentulous adult patients qualifying for dental implants, Neocis reports approximately one implant is fitted by a Yomi robot every six minutes. Yomi, having received a total of 16 FDA 510(k) clearances, provides clinicians with streamlined digital planning and haptic guidance of surgical instruments throughout all phases of implant placement. This enables precise and efficient treatment delivery, with more than 40,000 implants placed with robotic assistance so far.

Testament to growth and innovation

Alon Mozes, Neocis’ co-founder and CEO, conveyed gratitude for the latest investment, emphasising its significance in showcasing the company’s growth and the advancements in dental robotics since the first Yomi systems.

“The latest investment is a testament to our growth as a company and how far dental robotics has come since the first Yomi systems were installed,” said Mozes, “We’re tremendously grateful to have the backing of our newest investors, including NVentures and Mirae Asset Financial Group, as well as our existing partners. This funding positions us for continued success in the market and will help us drive meaningful innovation in implant dentistry.”

Expanding business initiatives

The additional funds will be used to support various business initiatives, including product development, sales enablement, and clinical education. Neocis, recognised as one of South Florida’s 50 fastest-growing companies by the South Florida Business Journal, moved into a larger space last summer, featuring a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Miami’s Wynwood neighbourhood.

Support from key investors

Mirae Asset Capital’s Investment Manager, Soojung Kim, expressed excitement about supporting Neocis in bringing innovation to dentistry. NVentures sees Neocis as a transformative force in dental implant procedures, demonstrating the benefits of robotics and AI in healthcare.

“Neocis is bringing needed innovation to dentistry, and we couldn’t be more excited to support them in that mission,” said Soojung Kim, “We look forward to working alongside the Neocis team to help them excel in a rapidly growing market and get Yomi in the hands of more providers.”

Mohamed “Sid” Siddeek, corporate vice president and head of NVentures added, “Robotics and AI are changing the face of dentistry, enabling innovations that increase doctor efficiency and help them improve the quality of life for their patients, Neocis is transforming dental implant procedures, demonstrating the benefits of robotics and AI in healthcare.”

Transforming dental surgery with robotics

Neocis collaborates closely with leading clinicians to develop innovative technologies that advance patient care and improve quality of life across dental specialties. With backing from NVentures, Mirae Asset Financial Group, and other investors, Neocis aims to continue transforming dental surgery through robotics.

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