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London’s Mindgard snaps £3M funding to fortify business AI security

Mindgard co-founder
Picture credits: Mindgard

Businesses are increasingly adopting AI, including large language models (LLMs), but traditional cybersecurity measures may not safeguard against evolving threats. This exposes AI assets to potential theft or compromise. 

Mindgard, a deeptech spin-out from Lancaster University, offers a comprehensive enterprise platform to address AI security. Now, the company has raised £3 million in a seed funding round led by IQ Capital and Lakestar known for backing Dexory and Nelly

The investment will facilitate the launch of Mindgard’s unique platform, as well as support their growth and expansion efforts.

Dr Peter Garraghan, CEO of Mindgard and Professor at Lancaster University said: “Currently, Mindgard is deployed by key intelligence organisations around the world to assess, detect, and respond to AI issues and attacks as they happen. With this seed funding, Mindgard now becomes available to enterprises that need to protect their operations against the rapidly-evolving AI threat landscape. We are defining and driving the security for AI space, and believe that Mindgard will quickly become a must-have for any enterprise with AI assets.” 

“AI models are an emerging critical attack surface for organisations increasingly seeking to deploy AI,” said Archie Muirhead, Partner at IQ Capital. “Mindgard provides the most comprehensive solution to manage this surface and reduce risk. With Mindgard’s platform, the complexity of model assessment is made easy and actionable through integrations into common MLOps and Sec Ops tools and an ever-growing attack library. We are happy to back a remarkable founding team spinning out of a world-leading AI security lab at Lancaster.”

Security company for AI enterprises

Founded in 2022, London-based company Mindgard was established by Peter Garraghan, Steve Street, and Neeraj Suri. Mindgard specialises in AI security, aiding clients in automating and expanding security testing, detection, response, and remediation for their AI models. 

Further, the platform is designed for easy integration with various cybersecurity systems. Mindgard’s enterprise platform is known for its comprehensive approach to AI security and seamless integration with leading cybersecurity products. Meanwhile, it is affiliated with the NVIDIA Inception Programme and Microsoft Founder’s Hub.

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