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London Tech Week 2023: Your guide to the must-attend events in the epic 3-day lineup!

London Tech Week Rishi Sunak
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Get ready for a tech extravaganza as London Tech Week returns for its monumental 10th year! This week-long event, happening at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Centre, is set to attract a staggering 30,000+ attendees, including over 3,500 startups and 850 investors from around the world.

Prepare to be inspired by an impressive lineup of distinguished figures gracing the stage, including political leaders – UK’s PM Rishi Sunak and London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, as well as executives from tech giants like Google DeepMind and Darktrace. In fact, Rishi Sunak himself inaugurated London Tech Week 2023, urging tech leaders to embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by AI to maintain Britain’s status as a leading tech capital.

Thought-provoking discussions will take center stage throughout the week, covering topics such as UK entrepreneurship, climate tech, the metaverse, and the groundbreaking trend of generative AI.

London Tech Week’s three action-packed days will be complemented by a multitude of fringe events, ensuring a diverse range of opportunities for attendees to engage and network.

Day 1 at London Tech Week 2023: Unveiling the Tech Delights!

The excitement kicks off today, June 12th, with an array of captivating events and speakers. From Carolyn Dawson’s warm welcome address to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s fireside chat with Demis Hassabis of Google DeepMind on the future of AI, the Main Stage promises captivating insights. Notable presentations include a keynote on generative AI by Microsoft UK’s CEO Clare Barclay and a cybersecurity discussion with Darktrace’s Poppy Gustafsson.

Meanwhile, the Startup Main Stage will explore scaling strategies, the future of web3, and practical tips for founders seeking VC investors.

Day 2 at London Tech Week 2023: Embracing Innovation and Human Connection!

Tomorrow, June 13th, prepare for another day of groundbreaking discussions and enlightening keynotes. Lenovo CTO Arthur Hu will delve into the risks and opportunities of generative AI, while industry leaders bridge the gap between science and technology. Additionally, the power of human interaction in virtual communities will be explored by the co-founder of Flickr.

Notable talks will focus on women’s health, purpose-driven innovation, and the future of the metaverse.

Day 3 at London Tech Week 2023: Empowering Industries and Fostering Diversity!

On June 14th, the final main day of London Tech Week, expect insightful discussions on future-proofing businesses with fintech, featuring Jaidev Janardana of Zopa Bank. Multiverse co-founder Euan Blair will join a panel to discuss the significance of digital skills in driving economic growth. The Impact Stage will address the talent crisis and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The main talks will culminate at 5:30 PM, but the networking opportunities continue through fringe events across the city.

This year we are official media partners with London Tech Week and stay tuned with TFN for the latest updates on all the exciting happenings at London Tech Week 2023! Meanwhile, here’s the full agenda link.

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