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London-based Threedium snaps $11M to revolutionise 3D e-commerce

Threedium funding
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While the metaverse might not enjoy the same buzz it did last year, the concept remains alive. Companies are actively developing immersive technologies, with the aim to propel this industry. One such company is London-based Threedium.

Recently, the 3D/AR enterprise infrastructure announced an $11 million funding round. The investment round was led by NYSE-listed Interpublic Group and Olma Partners. It also saw participation from leading Web3 investment and development company, Mesh Consensys, Reflexive Capital, Nirvana Family Office, Lyra Ventures, Edenbase, and Kinisis Venture Fund I.

Threedium intends to use the funds to progress spatial computing and 3D content production on the web. It will also be used to deepen R&D into AI to further enhance efficiency of 3D models and extend the company’s growth by bringing immersive storytelling to more global brands.

Revolutionise high-fidelity 3D commerce

Founded in 2017 and led by Mike Charalambous and Dusan Odobasic, Threedium offers 3D developer tools, APIs, Web Engine and enterprise services including an asset management and deployment platform, enabling the creation and launch of ultra-high-fidelity 3D and AR experiences for both web and mobile platforms.

As per the company, it is also the only 3D company to have developed a proprietary file format called .TUF, which protects IPs from AI and web theft unlike other open-source platforms.

Threedium’s 3D and AR engine enables brands to display their goods as hyper-realistic 3D assets, allowing customers to interact with the product, zoom in or out, see it from any angle try it on, change the colour, size or material before committing to purchase, right from the browser or an app.

The customers of Threedium include Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Bulgari, LOEWE, Tommy Hilfiger, Diageo, Girard Perregaux, and NuOrder Lightspeed.

Mike Charalambous, Co-founder and CEO of Threedium explained, “The world of static 2D e-commerce is becoming archaic. User behavior is evolving and brands striving for distinction recognise the need to meet consumer demands for enriched, customisable experiences on the spatial web. This new round of investment reinforces the trust investors place in our mission to revolutionise digital landscapes, equipping businesses with engaging and immersive capabilities.”

“We’re setting the benchmark for 3D on the web, with a omni-channel solution that allows brands to seamlessly disperse assets across all channels, files and agencies, integrating with various workflows and spotlighting 3D technology as a pivotal tool to stand out in modern e-commerce,” said Dusan Odobasic, Chairman and Chief of Technology at Threedium. “The lines between online and instore shopping are blurring and AR is becoming the norm in every omni channel product-buying experience. Those that don’t take notice will get left behind.”

“Threedium’s immersive 3D tech allows forward-thinking brands to achieve cost savings, demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, and help buyers better visualise the products they are buying by replacing sample images with detailed interactive 3D on the web,” said Dipak Pandya, Head of Product & Tech, Lightspeed POS.

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