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Liminal Space secures $2.5M funding to offer VR-like immersion without the need for headsets

Liminal Space Holographic display
Liminal Space Holographic display. Image credit; Liminal Space

Since HDTVs became widely accessible to the masses, image quality has increased dramatically. Today, 8K is the latest in image definition, battling for centre-stage with 4K. However, the difference between the two in normal viewing conditions is arguably indistinguishable from each other by the human eye. Despite some companies currently developing even higher definition screens, there is little sign of TV and movie producers seeing any benefit in transitioning from 4K to 8K productions.

As a result, with regards to image quality, it appears we have reached the pinnacle of the viewing experience. So where do we go from here? Many Sci-Fi fans have dreamed of the day when “holodecks” and other forms of holographic imaging will be possible. Several companies are working on new display technologies that provide an immersive 3D experience, but these usually require the use of 3D glasses or cumbersome VR/AR headsets or goggles.

Leading the charge in revolutionising immersive entertainment experiences, LA-based, Liminal Space, Inc., has successfully concluded a $2.5 million SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) funding round. This strategic funding aims to expedite technological advancements and facilitate the swift deployment and widespread adoption of Liminal Space’s spatial LED display system, garnering support from notable contributors in the industry.

Strategic investors and their enthusiasm

Liminal Space’s $2.5M SAFE round attracted investments from renowned entities, including Avex USA, Hibino Corporation (Japan), Kevin Bright (Executive Producer of the iconic series “FRIENDS”), Gihan Atapattu (former President Asia, Ball Corporation), Luminus Inc, San’an Optoelectronics (China), and others.

Nathan Huber, CEO and Co-founder of Liminal Space, expressed gratitude for the investment from distinguished partners, recognising their crucial role in fulfilling the company’s vision. “We are honoured and grateful to receive investment from our distinguished partners to fulfil our vision and to create a more immersive and connected world.” Said Huber,” This capital raise will allow us to position Liminal Space for the next stage of growth and innovation.”

Kevin Bright, emphasised how Liminal Space empowers creators to manifest any media vision to its highest potential, stating, “Liminal Space gives creators the ability to develop any media vision to its highest outcome. They allow producers to create unique content experiences, which immerse the audience in their stories, literally”.

Junichi Imokawa, Director and Managing Executive Officer of Hibino Corporation highlighted their excitement in investing and partnering with Liminal Space. Imokawa commented, “We are thrilled to invest and partner with Liminal Space and to be the first to bring this new form of entertainment to Japan. We are excited to expand our product offering with this innovative technology and to thrill Japanese audiences.”

Mark Pugh, CEO of Luminus, Inc., expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are excited to further our relationship with Liminal Space and to continue to jointly innovate and develop next generation display systems to revolutionize the immersive entertainment sector”     

A more natural immersive 3D experience

Liminal Space specialises in delivering immersive experiences for large audiences. What makes them different from many competitors, is the company’s proprietary spatial LED technology “The DRIIFT”. The DRIIFT offers a virtual reality-like immersion without the need for headsets. This breakthrough resolves critical challenges for industry partners by providing a scalable, cost-effective, and high-throughput experiential platform.

Liminal Space, Inc. is a U.S.-based technology and media company. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in LA California, Liminal Space specialises in designing and constructing, unique and immersive, “out of home” experiences using its proprietary next-generation spatial display technology. Their flagship platform, “The DRIIFT,” transforms how mass audiences engage with and experience immersive content. Acknowledged by industry peers, Liminal Space has received prestigious awards like THEA and Pollstar for redefining guest experiences in themed and live events, cementing its reputation for exceptional work in the field.

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