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Indian immigrant-founded startup grabs $4.1M to revolutionise healthcare with equability

Image credits: Violet

New York-headquartered Violet, the first cultural competence credentialing and upskilling platform for clinicians, has raised $4.1 million in seed funding. This round brings the total investment raised by the company to $5.3 million.

Enables more care coordination

The financing round was led by SemperVirens along with other investors, including Northwell Holdings, the venture arm of Northwell Health, The Venture Collective, Hopelab, and Naomi Allen (Brightline Founder & CEO).

Violet will use the proceeds of this round to continue showing improved patient health outcomes through expanding Violet’s credentialing reach, building best-in-class inclusivity training, and powering more care coordination.

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical to the future of health care. Violet’s provider credentialing platform is the foundation for delivering better health outcomes for all,” said Allison Baum Gate, General Partner at SemperVirens, who will take a board seat. “We’ve heard from key stakeholders like employers, providers, and payors that they need a better way to connect patients with the right providers. The existing system is not built for culturally diverse patients. That’s where Violet comes in.”

Violet’s earliest investor, The Venture Collective immediately shared the vision. “We believe personalized care is here to stay,” said Cat Hernandez, Partner at The Venture Collective. “Violet is well-positioned to provide a category-defining solution, as a first-mover in the space with a diverse founding team.”

“Collaboration with Violet will advance the provision of identity-centered care by connecting patients with the most appropriate medical providers based on cultural competencies, addressing a significant gap in the current delivery of care,” said Northwell Holdings’ President and CEO Rich Mulry.

“Violet has created provider data that powers identity-centered care, allowing every patient to find the right provider for them,” said Gaurang Choksi, Founder and CEO of Violet, “This round of funding will fuel growth of both our technology and our reach, so we can truly reshape the infrastructure of health care. We won’t stop until every single patient in this country can access the care they deserve.”

Identity-based care coordination for patients

Founded in 2020 by Gaurang Choksi, a gay man and an Indian immigrant who grew up on Medicaid, Violet works with the mission to build health equity. It envisions a world where every human receives equitable health care, irrespective of their race, sexual orientation, gender, ability, language, citizenship, or more.

Inclusive care is proven to generate better health outcomes and Violet’s credentialing platform is the first step to building health equity for all. Its proprietary framework that measures cultural competence in clinicians and uses that data to build personal pathways to upskill and power identity-centered care coordination for patients.

84% of clinicians learning with Violet report increased inclusivity with patients and our care coordination has shown retention of patients at 3x the industry standard on day 60 of care.

Its customers include industry-leading companies such as Brightline, Galileo, Parsley Health, Headway, Octave, and NOCD. They have launched identity-centered care for their patients to provide better health outcomes.

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